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NEWS - The Golden Edge A&P Show held in Richmond Park on the 19-20 November

Golden Edge 



A & P


19-20 NOVEMBER 2022




The Nelson A&P Association’s only fundraising event for the year, the 128th A&P Show held in Richmond Park last weekend 19-20 November, unfortunately was affected by the weather.

The Association was expecting around 1200 visitors, but they think it was under 1000 visitors. They have not calculated the final exact number as yet, but they feel the weather has kept people away from a fun filled family and community day.

On day one the crowds pored in after an early shower to have a very fine day. Sunday, unfortunately was overcast with showers especially in the morning but cleared to a wet under foot Show.

Organising the annual event and trying to improve it is no mean feat, but the love of the Show keeps the passion alive. Manager of Richmond Park Annette Robinson, and her team say "they really love how it still brings the community together as it was first originally intended back in 1893."

Tania O’Meagher the President of the Nelson A&P Association said “the organisation for this year had been underway since last year’s Show so the A&P Staff, Committee and Volunteers have put a great deal of work into this year’s event. That being said, a huge thanks to the Volunteers, Stewards, Marshalls and Judges who spent countless hours in preparing Richmond Park for the Show and whose passion means that all the sections and competitions ran smoothly. Their work ensures that show traditions are continued for future generations.”

From a spectators point of view the organisation of the event worked well, from the traffic management, to the layout of the event in the park. Many volunteers both individuals and from different organisations were visibly helping. A massive effort by all.

One example of this effort was behind the scenes in the Birch Hall kitchen where a dedicated mother and daughter were feeding all the volunteers over the weekend. Clare Turner and her daughter Nikayla Miller said they “served morning and afternoon tea with scones, jam and cream and other food to all the volunteers to keep the workers going as any good organisation runs well when the stomach is full.”

Left Nikayla Miller right Clare Turner Mother and daughter team working hard behind the scenes at the Show

Clare and Nikayla served lunch to all the volunteers and staff and made extra food at lunchtime to make sure everyone was was full. They both said that they were so busy that the time went very fast. Clare commented “ it is my second year in control of the kitchen at the Show and I have been there all week feeding all those who were setting up the Show and that Nikayla came to help me for the weekend.”

They both said “we really thoroughly enjoyed it, we haven’t heard of anyone complaining about the food,” and went on to say “that the whole team at the park are great.”

I spoke to a couple of men from the Waimea Menzshed who were having afternoon tea. They appreciated the food as they were doing very hard work picking up all the wood after every chop at the woodchopping competitions and they told me the scones were great.

One of the biggest winners in the Show that I came across was in the Horticulture Pavilion. Raewyn Robertson, who must have a wonderful garden, won Seven First Places in the rose competition even winning the Champion Rose

Raewyn Robertson with her wonderful Champion Rose and first place

Raewyn's Champion Rose

Raewyn said “I am overwhelmed and very surprised,” but it's no wonder as her roses were superb. Raewyn also was working as a volunteer in the Horticulture Pavilion so she really deserves the seven wins.

Another first place for Raewyn Robertson

A rose from Raewyn Robertson first place

Raewyn Robertson first place roses

The Highland Dancing was going to be held at the Show, but the rain meant it was too dangerous to be dancing on a wet surface so the competitions were moved to the Richmond Town Hall.

I was impressed with two highland dancers Jessica Radka (in the under 14 open) and Pete Greenslade (in the open class) dancing the Double Time Jig open.

Jessica Radha dancing the Double Time Jig open at the Highland Dancing Competitions at Richmond Town Hall

Pete and Jessica are from Christchurch being similar to many participants in the Show who came long distances to compete in competitions over the weekend.

Pete Greenslade just about completely off the floor dancing the Double Time Jig open at the Highland Dancing Competitions held at the Richmond Town Hall on Saturday the 19 November 2022

Pete’s mother Katrina Greenslade said “ Pete was doing very well in the competition so she is really enjoying the event - it’s always a good day out in Richmond.”   

There were many rides for the children or adventurous adults, like riding the toy cars and the ferriswheel or other rides in the Carnival area and plenty to eat from an array of food carts.

The toy car rides at the A&P Show Richmond

The Carnival area of the A&P Show Richmond

At the dog trials I met Angela Leslie and her lovely dog Zoom. To an untrained eye I thought she and Zoom had done a very good last round getting all the sheep in the pens and over obstacles quite easily, but Angela thought see lost one or two points as it was hard to obtain a perfect round.

Angela Leslie and her lovely dog Zoom came second in the dog trials

Angela had to came the long way around to Richmond on Saturday from Linkwater in the Marlborough Sounds to participate in the dog trials. She said “I have really enjoyed myself, it has been a wonderful day and the organisers had done a phenomenal job, providing shade and amazing support for the participants.”

Angela Leslie and her working dog Zoom trying very hard to obtain first place in the dog trials

Angela has two children 5 and 2 years old and she finds that working with her dog Zoom keeps her fairly grounded.

Angela Leslie testing her working dog Zoom

Don Stuart (right) the Judge of the dog trials

Don Stuart the Judge of the dog trials said “the 31 participants and their dogs were all very good, the organisation of the trials was superb and all the dogs were very clever.”

Angela you lost out from first place only just by a younger dog!

The final results for the dog trials are as follows:


1st Eion Herbert with Charlie  from Wakefield

2nd Angela Leslie with Zoom  from Linkwater

3rd Ian Broadhurst with Porsche from Seddon

4th Eian Herbert with Bell

5th Ean Broadhurst with Jet


1st David Meade with Meg

2nd Bill Clarkson with Rain

3rd Tom Curnow with Rose


1st E. Herbert with Charlie

2nd Mandy Herbert with Rose

3rd Colin Gibbs with wave

The Nelson Sheep Shearers on Saturday were very impressive showing their skills to a large crowd. I noticed Kimberly McLean shearing away as fast as she could in her heat.

Kimberly McLean hard out shearing in the Nelson Shearers Competitions

There was a lot of free entertainment continuously throughout the weekend on the main stage with five entertainers alternatively performing throughout. Two entertaining groups stood out for me.

The first was the Gypsy Pickers who were playing a number of times and who are a well-traveled band based in Nelson Bays. They're a multi-instrument duo, known for their engaging live performances that have kept them busy on the NZ and international touring scene.

Linda and Ron a multi-instrument duo - The Gypsy Pickers

The second group that caught my eye were the Harmony Hunters a 5 piece band of talented young musicians from Nelson & Tapawera featuring Zac Griffith, Maddison Connor, William Connor, Luke Connor & Laura Lowe. The Harmony Hunters have been performing to large sold-out audiences throughout the South Island.

The Harmony Hunters

The Town and Country Vets from Richmond, organised a large variety of animals for visitors to admire, from a large white parrot to some lovely friendly miniature horses, Mashie and her foal Paddington. These miniature horses have a very gentle and affectionate nature.

Mashie and her foal Paddington friendly miniature horses

The Town and Country Vets from Richmond brought some friendly pigs along as well

The top prize for the most upbeat visitors to the Show goes to:

Bex and Melody and pet lamb Pocket from Brightwater. Bex said “I gained first place in the Handcraft Scrapbook Competition by entering my cards and scrapbook, the kids were able to enter their pet lamb Pocket in a competition and my students were able to enter in the Arts and Crafts and Horticulture sections.”

Bex and Melody and pet lamb Pocket

Bex said “we both had a great day - a classic kiwiana day - it has been a wonderful atmosphere here today amongst this wonderful crowd and the kids have really enjoyed themselves.”

At the Equestrian and Mounted Games Competitions which went on for two days with many participants arriving with their horses and ponies from across the Top of The South. I caught up with 14 year old Hollie Southward from Hope and her 8 year old pony Sailorboy they look a very comfortable pair together.

Congratulations to Hollie as she won three first places. Won first in the Hunter Pony up to 148cm section. Secondly, won first place in the Champion Junior Rider section and thirdly, won first place for the Unity prize (which is how well a rider gets on with their Pony).

Hollie Southward being awarded first place with her pony Sailorboy in the Hunter Pony up to 148cm section

Three wins for Hollie Southward and her pony Sailorboy congratulations Hollie

A few of the horses and ponies resting at the park.

The Nelson Axemens Club organised the woodchopping competitions at the A&P show Richmond Park last weekend. They put on spectacular spectical with most of the visiting Axemen from Hokitika Axmens Club and the Horowhenua Axmens Club on a not-quite-so-sunny nelson weekend.

One outstanding axeman was 14 year old Jack Matthews from the Hokitika Axemens Club who won first place in the second heat of the underhand Memorial Trophy by quite a bit. (I think Jack won the heat by at least half a minute)

Jack attends Western High School in Hokitika, has been in the North Island recently competing in the under 21 Cults and he is going to Tokoroa  shortly to be a reserve for the under 21 NZ Axemens Team.

I notice from the photo of the overall Axemen winners that he had a red ribbon on so he was one of he overall winners of the weekend as well.

Hokitika Axemans Club member Jack Matthews

Jack Matthews chopping fast during the competitions

The winning Axemen at the Richmond Park A&P Show (Jack is third from the right) Thanks to the Horowhenua Axmens Club for the photo.

The Richmond Volunteer Fire Brigade were at the A&P Show. They had uniforms for the kids to try on, they were able to hold the hose and sit in the front of the fire truck.

The Richmond Brigade were also there to give out fire safety tips to the public and possibly find some new volunteer members for the Richmond Brigade.

I met Firemen Josh Ratclisse one of the younger members of the Richmond Volunteer Fire Brigade and he gave me a very impressive overview of fire safety at home.

Firemen Josh Ratclisse at the A&P Show last weekend

The children’s Art and Crafts Pavilion was full of exhibits as usual with individuals and schools taking part. For the Primary School Art Section Years 1 and 2  Zoey Fitches came first with her detailed painting of flowers sitting close to a window.

Zoey Fitches First place in Primary School Art

In the Primary School Handcrafts Years 3 & 4 to design and build a tractor section Marlon Hyslop gained first place by building a tractor with a digger on the front and smoke coming out.

Marlon Hyslop first place in Primary School Handcrafts

In the sewing items in the Primary School Handcraft years 1 and 2 Nikita Jones won the first place with blue haired doll and zipped up green skirt.

Nikita Jones won first place in the years 1 and 2 sewing

The Intermediate School Art section any style for years 7 and 8 Emma Egan not only won first place, but won the Outstanding Art Exhibit for a very detailed and lifelike painting of a parrot.

Emma Egan Won first place and Outstanding Art Exhibit Years 7 to 8

There were very special items in the Cookery Pavilion, but what stood out for me was the section for preserves in the class for Marmalade. Tina Roats won first place with her lovely looking Lime Marmalade.

Tina Raats won first place in the preserves section with lime marmalade

First Place in preserves

The next section for cooking was for a decorated cake for under 16 years. Tiffany Aston won first place and the Most Outstanding Cooking Exhibit cup with a very interesting decorated cake with a carnival theme. (see below)

In the Inclusive Learning section the decoration of one cup cake. Kathleen Smith won first place with her cup cake below.

In the open section for a decorated cake showing cooking and sugar art skills. Thea Whitley won three prises for a wonderfully and detailed decorated Christmas Cake, so detailed it must have taken sometime to do. Thea won first place, won the Lesley Morris Trophy for the Judges Choice and won the Most Outstanding Cooking Exhibit.

Christmas Cake made and iced by Thea Whitley

A close-up of the fire place, cookies left out for Santa and Mr Bear - Thea Whitley's Christmas Cake

Wine Open contest. One bottle of wine from Boysenberries - it looked good.

Leslie Leggett won gold for first place for her entry and she also won the Champion Boysenberry section.

Leslie Leggett Champion Boysenberry Wine

In the Photography Section under the category Movement, Bella Kern won first place, Champion Photography Exhibit and Outstanding Photography Exhibit.

The Judges comments were: showing movement in a fun image with colour used well. Great composition lovely image.

Image by Belle Kern

Image by Bella Kern 

In the category ‘Open Photography - Close Up’ Martin Armstrong won first place and also won the most outstanding photography exhibit with the following photo.

The Judges said “wow! Wonderful image. Very good technically all round.”

Martin Armstrong's winning photo

Winning photo by Martin Armstrong

Many individuals and groups from throughout the country and locally took advantage of the show to compete in the off and on weather during the weekend, but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of those who took part. Many school children took part in many sections which was pleasing to see again.

The Nelson A&P Association, the Judges, the participants, all the Volunteers, the sponsors and the public made the 128th Nelson A&P one to remember once again.

Note: If anyone wants a copy of any photos please email me:

Pigeon Post News.  Richmond
Most photos taken by Ray Therkleson

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