Friday, December 10, 2021

GOLDEN BAY - Minority of 'Offensive, Selfish, & Abusive' Market goers refused to comply with new orange alert level


Tākaka Village Market


Tākaka Village Market

Last Saturday was the first day the Tākaka Village Market operated under the country's new traffic light system.

A minority of market goers would not comply with the new orange alert traffic light system and were offensive, selfish and abusive to stall holders, the public and to the manager.

The operator of the market, Golden Bay Councillor Grant Knowles, has put the Golden Bay Community on notice that if they don't comply with the rules that are set down for the market, then the market will have to close.

This all comes after last Saturday's market when market goers abused stall holders, many visitors selfishly flouting the rules, one market goer swearing at a 15-year-old stall worker when she asked them to sanitize their hands.

Would you want your children selling goods at the market with this disgusting and abusive behaviour happening?

Grant himself was sworn at when asking people to consume their takeaway food and drink away from the market.

Everyone selling food or coffee asked people as they gave them their takeaway package to please consume it away from the market, as it could cause the market to lose the privilege of operating. 

Another patron wore a Star of David in protest at the rules and as a protest against “segregation”, in reference to the badge Jewish people were forced to wear under Germany’s Nazi regime from 1939 to 1945.Some didn't wear masks, while others abused stallholders especially when they were asked to take their takeaway food outside the market to eat.

Grant said "I am most disgusted in the person who came wearing a yellow star of David. This is extremely offensive. You and your revolting behaviour are not welcome here."He continued "he's very disappointed at the way a minority of members of the Golden Bay community (most of whom he knows) abused the requirements with which the market must now safely operate."

Grant has tried his utmost, to accommodate all sections of the Golden Bay community, after interpreting the rules, to make the market as safe and easy for the traders to operate and for the people of the Golden Bay community to buy their produce and enjoy the village market. 

Grant Knowles has done his utmost to accommodate all sections of the Golden Bay Community

The police turned up as there had been a complaint and this could have had the market closed and Grant holding a $15,000 fine.

Grant stated that "the actions of a few could cause the livelihoods of up to 50 people to be lost this summer and I’m sure I don’t have to explain what that would mean for many families here in the bay."

Most people in the bay community " would like to continue to hold the village market, however if this selfish behaviour continues, I will be forced to close it for the safety of the community. There can never be any excuses for this behaviour." 

Grant would like to continue with the market this weekend. He said to the community, "be Kind, Wear your mask, Social distancing at 1m, Sanitising hands, Signing in, No food and drink to be consumed at the market (the Village Green is just 20m away to have drink and food) and we can continue to run the Village Market." 

All the stallholders would like to continue with the market coming up to the summer season so lets hope the bay community can give a positive response this weekend and the following weeks.

Tākaka Village Market

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