Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Air New Zealand

 Air New Zealand to put up fares from June

Air New Zealand announced, the airline will be increasing long-term domestic fares across all routes.

In a statement, Air NZ acting general manager for domestic Jeremy O'Brien said it had faced increasing costs over the past couple of years like many Kiwi businesses.

"As we've previously signalled, our cost base has risen more than 30 percent. To date, we've absorbed as much of this as we can.

"To reflect higher costs of providing air services, we need to continue to review our pricing.”

House of Travel chief operating officer Brent Thomas told Midday Report Air NZ had indicated prices were going to change and inflation had been "running hot" over the last few months.

Domestically, there was not a lot of competition so travellers would have to take what was available to them - and Thomas said people would have to wait to see the detail of those increases.

People who were able to book well in advance would still be able to get good fares but those booking last minute - whether for a family emergency or corporate travel "are paying the price".

Thomas said airfares were "significantly cheap" before Covid-19, but costs had gone up.

"I think we all know that when we go fill up our car, the price of petrol's gone up. Facing the same thing - a significant part of running an airline of course is the jet fuel and that has gone up."

Thomas said it was fair that the airline passed that cost on to consumers.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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