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Sparky from Murchison supplied by Lydia Stewart

Murchison to the rescue

Sparky, the sweet dog, was sitting in Lydia Stewart's black Nissan ute with a box of tools when it was taken from a St Martin's property in Murchison last Saturday the 12 March 2022.

The whole Murchison community and Tasman Police rallied around trying to find Sparky, the tools and the ute after a notice was put on the Murchison Bulletin Board.

An eagle-eyed police officer on duty noticed the ute parked up on the side of State Highway 6 in remote Owen River, and got on the dog-and-bone making inquiries.

The Murchison Police officer certainly wasn't barking up the wrong tree, as he sniffed out Sparky safe and well inside the ute. 

Lydia Stewart and Sparky

Sparky was found!

Sparky's very happy owner Lydia Stewart raced on her way to pick him up, and the ute but minus the tools.

Lydia Stewart said “One happy ending indeed.”

“Sparky is absolutely overjoyed to be home and would like to thank each and every one of her fans for helping her return safely!! She was very thirsty and hungry (like usual!) but the vet gave her the big OK.”

Lydia said “thank you to absolutely everyone who messaged and called with information and support.  I’m completely overwhelmed.”

“The power of community and connection is incredible.”

Thank you to Lydia and Sparky.

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