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Tasman District Council - Outstanding Community Service awards 


From the left Tasman District Council Mayor Tim King,  Mr Peter Carmody and Waimea-Moutere Ward Councillor Anne Turley.  Photo: Tasman District Council

Outstanding Community Service awards 

In Tasman District Council series recognising exceptional members of the community who have been awarded one of our Outstanding Community Service awards, today we meet Peter Carmody.

Peter arrived in Brightwater from Christchurch in 1988 working for NZ Police and has been an active member of the community ever since – he’s been on the Brightwater Community Association for more than 20 years. He was nominated for his award by Councillor Anne Turley.

In the late 80s and into the 90s he ran a group called the Sunday Clinic helping men who had problems reading and writing. Anne says his guidance helped them master skills which saw the men grow in confidence and prosper.

Throughout the mid-90s Peter worked with disadvantaged youth, gaining sponsorship to enable them to participate in sport when their families couldn’t afford the costs themselves.

He coached J.A.B rugby and served on the Wanderers Rugby Club committee.

Anne says Peter has a long-term involvement in the community’s ANZAC Day commemorations and was instrumental in moving the Brightwater service off Lord Rutherford Road to the much safer area inside the Memorial Gates at Brightwater Hall.

She says he managed to get a stainless-steel flagpole donated and a memorial seat placed in the vicinity so people could sit and reflect at any time.

A couple of years ago he set about raising funds for the purchase of a community sound system and in just three months raised $10,000 – Peter now assists in setting it up at community events and ANZAC services.

During a stint stationed in Murchison after the Kaikoura earthquake, Peter saw a need for better lighting for the vehicles used by the first responder emergency medical teams. Another fundraising scheme was launched and he quickly rustled up $3,000 to purchase and fit the lights.

Anne says Peter has demonstrated his community spirit over many years in multiple areas of the Tasman District.

Tasman District Council Communications.

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