Saturday, July 22, 2023

Mapua - Help Needed urgently

This is our loving dog Vincent not Delia's


House/Dog Sitter needed Urgently


My name is Delia, and I'm currently residing in Mapua. Unfortunately, my family has experienced a tragic event in the UK, and I must urgently travel there. However, before I can leave, there are some problems to be addressed.

You see, I have two large dogs, one of which has undergone recent surgery and requires daily rehabilitation. Due to their special needs, I cannot place them in kennels while I am away. Therefore, I am seeking someone who can take up this challenging responsibility.

I'm in search of an angelic soul who would be willing to help care for my dogs during my absence. The timing of my departure will depend on finding this kind-hearted person. Although the duration is somewhat flexible, I anticipate a minimum period of three weeks.

If you are up for this challenge and would like to offer assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me at - This problem has been solved with your help.

Thank you,

Delia from Mapua

Pigeon Post News Richmond

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  1. Try Kiwi House Sitters.

  2. Try all the vet clinics as they may know how to help

  3. Executive House-sitter 0220129325.. haven't needed to use yet but met this lady and she is great with dogs. Good luck 🤞

  4. Hi :)
    I live in mapua and if needed I'm happy to pop over and check up or do anything needed to look after your house while you're away (if you don't find a house sitter).

  5. My friend Graeme is a house sitter in Mapua while he is looking to buy a house. He's looked after various dogs/pets and homes in Ruby Bay, and is 100% reliable. You can contact me for his details. He can give you verbal references from Adrienne and Tord Kelstrom, and Carol Cromie of Ruby Bay Store as well as Tony from Ruby Bay Fish & Chip shop.


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