Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Civil Defence Emergency Management - MEDIA RELEASE - August 2022 weather event

Local recovery transition period to be extended

28 September 2022 1600hrs 

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese, supported by Tasman District Mayor Tim King, today extended the local recovery transition period for the Nelson Tasman region’s State of Emergency, caused by the August 2022 weather event. This extends the transition period for a further 28 days. 

The notice of extension of the local recovery transition period, under Section 94D of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002, came into effect at 2.54 pm today, Wednesday 28 September and expires at 2.54 pm on Wednesday 26 October 2022.
The transition period gives the Recovery Manager powers under the act to aid the recovery efforts, including emergency works, clearing of roads/public places, and requiring structures and materials to be made safe.
Mayor Reese said the extension of the transition period was required to give Council time to continue to work on assessing and managing the damage caused by the event.
“Nelson was hit hard by the August 2022 weather event, which saw major impacts across Te Tauihu.
“Our wider infrastructure was significantly affected. While we have been able to bounce back quickly to provide our core services, we still have a lot of work to do to get them back to where they need to be. It will take time for us all to recover.” Mayor Reese says.
“Getting people back into their homes if it is safe to do so has been our priority, and we have focused on infrastructure repairs, including reconnecting water services, to make that happen.
“Many of our residents are still not able to fully return to their homes, and they are working with their insurance companies to make sure they can do so safely. Our thoughts are with those affected, and we will continue to help connect them with the relevant agencies should they need help.”
Note: The Mayoral Relief fund is still accepting applications for those that have been impacted by the event and are not able to receive assistance from insurance or other agencies. Go to for eligibility information and how to apply.

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