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UK news briefing Friday evening London time: Hundreds taken ill in queue to see late Queen's coffin


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24-hour wait to see the late Queen lying-in-state 

The queue to see the late Queen lying-in-state has just reopened after being closed for more than seven hours as it became full. 

However, mourners have been warned they face a 24-hour wait to get to the front.

Ambulances have attended to hundreds of people fainting and collapsing in queues to see the late Queen lying in state, the NHS has said. 

The ambulance service said it and partner agencies had cared for 435 patients who fell ill along the route and surrounding areas by the end of Thursday. 

The London Ambulance Service has drawn up plans to deploy an extra 300 staff on the day of the state funeral, with pressures expected to mount. 

Earlier, hundreds of mourners defied an order to stay away and continued to enter the line at Southwark Park, with more creating a queue for the queue. 

It came as China has suggested the UK is guilty of failing to show "proper manners to guests" amid reports that a Chinese government delegation will not be allowed to attend Queen Elizabeth's lying in state in Parliament.

David Beckham caused a commotion in the queue to see the late Queen as he joined the public in line.

Images shared on social media showed fellow members of the queue holding their phones in the air to capture a picture of the 47-year-old former footballer as he waited to pay his respects. 

Many other celebrities also joined the line through London. 

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth will see the biggest policing operation ever staged in the UK, the Metropolitan Police has said. 

There will be 22 miles of barriers deployed across London amid the biggest VIP protection operation ever undertaken in Britain. 

Officers from almost every force in the country will be in the capital to help ensure the safety of the public, the Royal family and visiting heads of state, who will include Joe Biden and the leaders of the G7 countries. 

They will have been hosted by the King at Buckingham Palace on the eve of the funeral at an official state reception on a scale unprecedented in living memory. 

Some, such as Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's prime minister, will have travelled for more than 24 hours to be at the “reception of the century”.

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