Thursday, December 15, 2022

Residents asked for thoughts about safer streets



Richmond and Māpua communities to be surveyed about streets

Tasman District Council’s Streets for People programme is beginning to take shape and is now seeking input from the wider Richmond and Māpua communities in a baseline survey. 

In October, the Government announced funding of $2.4 million for the Richmond Streets for People projects while $840,000 was earmarked for Māpua to shape the beginnings of a network of safe walking and cycling spaces in our streets. 

Currently two community working groups, made up of representatives of various interest groups, are preparing ideas and concepts of how these projects may look on the ground. 

Tasman Community Partnerships Officer Yulia Panfylova says the survey has been launched to get a broader picture of how people currently get around and how safe they feel on the streets.  


In Richmond, phase one of Streets for People focuses on Salisbury Road before moving on to other neighbourhoods, while in Māpua it is Aranui Road that will be worked on - each project has its own survey. 

Yulia Panfylova says over the next few months, development team members will also be out on the streets gathering feedback about specific areas being developed over the next 18 months. 

She says the key point of this programme and the way it is funded by backers Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, is flexibility. 


“This means when any one of the various phases of a project hits the ground and then doesn’t quite work for any reason, we have the scope and ability to modify, change and improve it.” 

People can contribute by filling out the surveys on the council website, and clicking on the Streets for People banner.

Tasman District Council

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