Thursday, September 21, 2023

State Highway 6 Closed at Night Until September 29th


Black = Road closure / Blue = Detour from now until 29 September.

Tasman Nelson Road Closure: Night Closures on State Highway 6, Whakatu Drive

Residents and commuters in Nelson are advised to plan ahead as scheduled maintenance works are set to disrupt traffic on State Highway 6 (SH6), Whakatu Drive. Waka Kotahi, the New Zealand Transport Agency, has announced that the highway will be temporarily closed between McGlashen Avenue and the Quarantine Road roundabout for up to ten nights, from September 17th to September 29th. The purpose of this closure is to facilitate the resurfacing of the Link Road roundabout and the Link Road extension.

Road Closure Details:

  • Location: SH6 Nelson, between the intersections of Quarantine Road and McGlashen Avenue, Richmond, Tasman.

  • Closure Dates: September 17th to September 29th

  • Closure Times: Each night from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am

  • Detour Route: Commuters are advised to take the approved detour route, which includes Annesbrook Drive, Main Road Stoke, Salisbury Road, Talbot Street, Croucher Street, and McGlashen Avenue. Please note that this detour is temporarily approved for heavy vehicles and is expected to add approximately 8 minutes to your journey time.

Detour starts at McGlashen Ave Richmond travelling north.

Resurfacing Works and Travel Planning:

During the specified closure dates and times, SH6 will be closed in both directions to allow for resurfacing works. It's crucial for all residents and travelers to plan their journeys accordingly, making provisions for extra travel time during this period.

However, it's important to note that the success of these maintenance works is contingent on various factors, and there might be short-notice postponements or extensions. It's advisable to stay updated with the latest information regarding the closure.

Waka Kotahi said, “the road closure is a necessary step to ensure the safety and durability of this vital transportation route. While the inconvenience is regrettable, it's essential for the long-term benefit of the community. We encourage everyone affected by this closure to plan their routes in advance, take the recommended detour, and allow for extra time when traveling. The resurfaced road will ultimately provide a smoother and safer driving experience for all.”

Waka Kotahi

Pigeon Post News, Richmond, Tasman.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Police - in action on two days

Salisbury Store daring daylight robbery attempt yesterday 19 September 2023. Photo taken R Therkleson.

Two Firearms Incidents Shake Richmond and Nelson over Two Days

Tasman - Armed Robbery Attempt Thwarted in Richmond

Richmond, Yesterday 19 September - A daring daylight robbery attempt at the Salisbury Store in Richmond sent shockwaves through the Richmond community on Monday afternoon. Quick thinking by the store's employee prevented a potentially tragic situation from unfolding.

The situation updated today by Constable Brett Kindley, Tasman Police: the incident unfolded just before 2 pm, when an unidentified man, concealing his identity with a black mask, entered the Salisbury Store on Salisbury Road. The assailant, armed with a weapon, demanded money from a store worker, thrusting the premises into a state of fear and uncertainty.

In a courageous response, the store worker activated a fog cannon, shrouding the store in a dense mist. This swift action proved to be the turning point of the incident, as the robber, disoriented by the sudden fog, hastily fled the scene on foot. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and it appears that the would-be thief left the store empty-handed.

The Tasman police were alerted to the incident and promptly cordoned off the Salisbury Store. Constable Brett Kindley, Tasman Police, provided insights into the situation, stating, “the offender has entered the store on Salisbury Road just before 2pm and presented a weapon to the store worker and demanded money. The worker has activated a fog canon and the offender has left the scene empty-handed on foot.”  It was a tense moment for those involved, but the fog cannon proved to be an effective deterrent.

However, the police are not taking this incident lightly. “Police are investigating after the incident in Richmond yesterday afternoon, including efforts to identify the masked assailant.”

The incident has left the Richmond community rattled, with Tasman police acknowledging the psychological toll on the victim. "This incident would have been terrifying for the victim, and along with police support, a referral has been made to Victim Support,” Constable Brett Kindley, stated, emphasising the importance of addressing the emotional aftermath.

A worker from the dairy, who was present during the incident, shared their perspective, saying that they were in the back of the shop when the assailant entered. They expressed relief that everyone emerged unharmed. "Everyone is safe now," the worker affirmed, highlighting the importance of community safety.

As the investigation continues, Police are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward. If you have details that could assist the police in identifying the masked individual, please contact the authorities at 105, quoting file number 230918/8059. Additionally, those who wish to provide information anonymously can do so by reaching out to Crime Stoppers at 0800 555 111.

The attempted robbery at the Salisbury Store serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community vigilance and the critical role law enforcement plays in ensuring the safety of all residents.

Lockdown at Nelson Hospital. Photo stock.

Nelson - Firearm Incident Causes Lockdown at Nelson Hospital

Nelson, Today 20 September - In a concerning turn of events, the Nelson community found itself grappling with another firearm-related incident, this time at Nelson District Court.

Shortly after 1 pm on Wednesday, a man outside the courthouse indicated to security staff that he possessed a firearm. The man left the court premises in a vehicle, which police promptly tracked to Franklyn St in Nelson South, near Nelson Hospital, around 1:15 pm.

The situation escalated rapidly, with surrounding streets cordoned off by police, causing tension and concern among residents, schools and the Nelson Hospital put into lockdown. Franklyn St was blocked off from Tipahi St to Waimea Rd, and a police presence was evident as the community anxiously awaited resolution.

A police officer at the scene noted that there had been "a fair bit of disorder," and some individuals were arrested during the incident.

However, "soon afterwards," police reported that three individuals were taken into custody, and they were cooperating with inquiries. Thankfully, there were no ongoing safety concerns for the public, and Nelson Hospital was able to lift its lockdown.

Although no firearm had been located by police at that time, their investigation into the incident was ongoing. 

These two consecutive incidents have placed the Richmond community and Nelson community on edge, underscoring the need for vigilance and prompt law enforcement responses to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

Tasman Police

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Waimea Water Ltd

Overview of Waimea Community Dam July 2023. Photo supplied by Waimea Water Ltd.

 Waimea Community Dam ready for spring rainfall

Testing at the Waimea Community Dam has been progressing through the winter, and Waimea Water Ltd expects to commence filling the reservoir imminently, now that the sealing concrete plug and isolating valve have been installed.

Right hand side beginning work on sealing with concrete

  plug Waimea Community Dam. Photo supplied by Waimea Water Ltd.

The dam, a public private partnership between the Tasman District Council and Waimea Irrigators, is the first large dam to be constructed in New Zealand in 25 years. The reservoir will hold 13 million cubic metres of water to provide water security to the region.

Over July and August, the reservoir was managed to a very low water level to allow the isolating valve to be installed.

Waimea Water Ltd CEO Mike Scott said the dam is performing as expected and any teething issues are being addressed.

“It is early days, and we will assess and verify dam performance as we fill the reservoir in stages,” Scott said. “Speculation about there being issues with the dam are unfounded. We are comfortable with how the dam is performing. It is doing what we expected and contemplated, and we are executing our commissioning plans.”

Reservoir looking downstream. Photo supplied by Waimea Water Ltd.

The reservoir will be filled in stages by keeping the water level at hold points for extended periods to allow for testing and engineering measurements. When it rains there will be times when water will need to be released to return the reservoir to a set level, and then when ready, the reservoir level will be built up to the next hold point.

“What we most need now is average rainfalls in the dam’s catchment area. It has been very dry recently, but based on advice we are optimistic about the spring weather. With sufficient rainfall we expect to provide water to shareholders and the community this summer,” he said.

“By having the reservoir full and dam commissioned by December, we can provide our shareholders and community with confidence ahead of the forecasted windy and dry El Nino summer.”

Upstream face during low reservoir Waimea Community Dam. Photo supplied by Waimea Water Ltd.

Waimea Water Ltd.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Nelson Giants in Murchison

Nelson Giants' Sam Dempster and School children of Murchison. Photo curtsy of TDC/ MSRCC. 

 Nelson Giants' Sam Dempster Inspires Young Hoop Dreams While 'Giants in Schools' Program Expands Reach to Murchison

In a thrilling development for young basketball enthusiasts in Murchison, the Nelson Giants' charismatic captain, Sam Dempster, brought his wealth of experience to the local community on Thursday, September 14th, between 9.45 am and 1.15 pm. The Murchison Recreation Centre was abuzz with excitement as they hosted three coaching sessions with the NBL star on that memorable day.

Sam Dempster, a stalwart of the Nelson Giants, boasts an impressive 15-year tenure with the team, during which he has held the captain's armband for the past 7 years. Notably, he marked his presence on the international stage last season when he made his debut for the New Zealand Tall Blacks, a testament to his outstanding skills and leadership on the court.

One of the key highlights of Dempster's coaching journey is his role with the Nelson College side. The team recently clinched a commendable third place in the South Island tournament, earning them a coveted spot in the upcoming Nationals. This remarkable achievement highlights not only his prowess as a player but also his coaching acumen.

'Giant in schools' programme Murchison 14 September 2023. Photo curtsy of TDC/ MSRCC. 

The visit by Sam Dempster presented a golden opportunity for the aspiring young basketball talents of Murchison to learn from a true basketball maestro. His dedication to nurturing the next generation of basketball players aligns perfectly with the Giants' mission to develop the game and increase participation in the sport. The club's long-standing initiative, 'Giants in Schools,' which sees players regularly coaching basketball in primary schools throughout the NBL season, has played a pivotal role in bolstering the local player base.

The Murchison school children were very excited to have the Nelson Giants basketball star visit. The community as a whole appreciates the Giants sharing their skills with the community's children. Unfortunately, the Giants mascot G.I. ANT could not make it to the event, but the enthusiasm remained undiminished.

Nelson Giants Mascot G.I. ANT could not make it to Murchison. Photo credit to Nelson Giants.

The Murchison Recreation Centre welcomed the Nelson Giants' captain with open arms, and the enthusiasm among the participating children was palpable. This event was an inspiring and educational experience for the young athletes, and the local community witnessed the magic unfold on the courts.

'Giants in Schools' with Sam Dempster in Murchison, Tasman.  Photo credit to TDC/MSRCC.

As the Nelson Giants extend their reach and impact through initiatives like 'Giants in Schools,' their dedication to the local community and the sport of basketball remains stronger than ever. They reinforce their status as not only formidable competitors but also passionate advocates for the game, creating a legacy that extends far beyond the NBL courts.

Thanks to Nelson Giants.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond, Tasman.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

“Stoke - 'An Adventure in Art' - Unleashes Creative Diversity”

The Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre Stoke. Photo supplied Nelson City Council.

"Stoke's Artistic Triumph: 'An Adventure in Art' Exhibition Shines at Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre"

Stoke, mid August - A vibrant and inclusive celebration of art unfolded at the Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre in a week-long extravaganza titled 'An Adventure in Art - A Collaborative Exhibition Exploring All that ART is.' Artists from Stoke came together to present their astonishing creations, showcasing an extraordinary range of talent and creativity that captivated visitors from near and far.

Organized by Gareth Cashin, the Greenmeadows Center Manager, in collaboration with Karen Scott, Assistant Administrator, and in partnership with Karen Loten, from Art Group Nelson, this event featured an extensive array of art forms that left a profound impact. From enchanting crafts and compelling photography to emotionally stirring music and captivating designs, the exhibition vividly portrayed the rich tapestry of artistic creativity within the Stoke community.

From the left, Gareth Cashin, the Greenmeadows Centre Manager and Karen Scott, the Greenmeadows Centre Administrator. Photo supplied by the Greenmeadows Centre.

The journey leading to this remarkable event was marked by meticulous planning, hard work and dedication. Karen Scott recounted, "Gareth and I had a vision after the success of last year's Winter exhibition by 'Art Group Nelson.' We wanted art to become a wider community event, so we reached out to about 20 participating groups from Stoke, inviting them to be part of 'An Adventure in Art.’ The idea was to bring people into the Greenmeadows Centre and showcase a diverse range of amazing creative groups, providing something for everyone. The response was truly heartening."

The exhibition showcased the talents spanning generations, encompassing both the young and the elderly, thus fostering a sense of inclusivity and togetherness. This display of unity was represented through various art forms, ranging from the intricate to the expressive, leaving visitors in awe.

Karen Scott, with part of the Whanake Youth's exhibition. Photo R Therkleson.

Throughout the week, the Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre transformed into a dynamic hub of creative expression, hosting a diverse lineup of artists and groups. Dancers from 'Get Real Dancers' set the stage with Highland Dancing performances, followed by the soul-stirring 'Stoke Senior's Choir' members and a full house of senior supporters who came from local Retirement Villages to enjoy the Choir and have a cuppa.

Stoke Senior's Choir. Photo supplied by the Greenmeadows Centre.

Then the Whanake Youth's captivating photographic exhibition of rangatahi local youth inspired public art. "A superb colourful selection of photos," Karen Scott said of this exhibit.

Part of the Whanake Youth's  exhibition. Photo supplied by the Greenmeadows Centre.

The 'Nelson Camera Club', Nayland College Visual Arts Students, and 'Art Group Nelson' took centre stage in Stoke. These groups brought their unique artistic styles, creating a captivating contrast for visitors. From the precision and creativity of the camera club's photography to Nayland College's students showcasing various artistic disciplines and Art Group Nelson's diverse creations, the exhibition offered a rare opportunity to experience a wide range of art forms. Each group's presentation reflected their dedication and individual perspectives, adding depth to the overall artistic experience and leaving art enthusiasts captivated.

Part of the Nelson Camera Club's exhibition. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

Karen Scott said, “just under 900 people came through the centre during this time. Visitors were very impressed with the high standard of all the exhibits and particularly with the beautiful photographic images produced by 'Nelson Camera Club'.”

Part of the Art Group Nelson exhibition. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

Karen also highlighted the significance of Nayland College's involvement, remarking on the students' enthusiasm for displaying their art. "It was wonderful to 

The opening night of the Nayland College Visual Arts Students exhibition. Photo supplied by the Greenmeadows Centre.

see the student art on display, I knew they could do it!  The students were absolutely thrilled. On the opening night of their exhibition there were about 140 people here at the event. The students were delighted, they were really delighted, the thrill for me was going into the room and seeing students taking selfies with their families in front of their artwork - they were so proud!


Credit to Gilligan Wood for this pictorial artwork. Photo of Gilligan Wood's art supplied by Nayland College Visual Arts.

Gilligan Wood's statement about his artwork is as follows:

"After being forced by her parents to go on an adventure camp, Jodie thinks her summer is about to be over before it has even begun. But when she and her two friends Mark and Herb stumble across a strange floating rock covered in mysterious symbols in the middle of the forest she is thrown into a summer of adventure and action. Some of my inspiration has been from reading other graphic novels such as the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi and the Ghostopolis book by Doug TenNapel. I find the sense of adventure and intrigue that these graphic novels invoke to be very appealing and I want to emulate that in my work."

(More art from Nayland College Visual Arts is at the end of the article.)


The Visual Arts Department at Nayland College fosters students' artistic experimentation, expression, and identity development, encouraging them to explore various aspects of art, including identity, culture, ethnicity, ideas, feelings, moods, beliefs, political views, and personal perspectives, as demonstrated by their impressive displayed artwork.

The ‘An Adventure in Art’ event included the Stoke Seniors Art Exhibition, treating the public to a wealth of beautiful artwork available for purchase. As seniors and other attendees savoured their art, they also indulged in a cuppa, creating a delightful atmosphere of appreciation and enjoyment.

The Drama Group ‘Acting Up’ took part, a little drama group that does skits and improvisations. It was an interesting mixed performance of comedy sketches and with great laughter enjoyed with a great cuppa.

'Acting Up' Seniors. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

The exhibition broadened its scope to an exquisite solo exhibition by 'Vaughan Scott Images,' showing off a body of photographic work from travels in Uganda and Kenya. There were about 50 people who came to the solo exhibition and it was really amazing.

Vaughan Scott Images exhibition. Photo supplied by Karen Scott. 

A very proud Vaughan Scott with one of his photos from his Africa's Child exhibition. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

'An Adventure in Art' exhibition extended its embrace to different art forms, including screen printing, weaving, floral art, and even cake decoration. Interactive sessions, dubbed 'open studios,' allowed visitors to engage firsthand with the creative clubs, fostering connections and enticing new members to join. Just about all groups gained new members.

The 'Isle Floral Circle' hosted an open studio event with captivating floral art demonstrations and stunning installations, where a passionate group of artists transform flowers, plant materials, leaves, sticks, and an array of natural elements into imaginative designs. The group fosters a communal spirit of sharing expertise and enthusiasm for all things botanical. Karen Scott, praised the event for showcasing vibrant floral artistry, drawing in admirers and enthusiasts.

The Isel Floral Circle showed off their beautiful floral art. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

Several open studios were hosted as part of the 'New Zealand Textile Experiences' event. Judith Ritchie led a hands-on screen printing session, adding a splash of fun to fabric printing. Karuna Peralta showcased her beautiful looms, inviting participants to experiment with weaving using vibrant yarns. Colleen Plank wowed the audience with contemporary felt-making techniques, while Maggy Johnston imparted knowledge on crafting small contemporary sculptures using repurposed materials and simple craft skills.

NZ Textile Experiences - Karen Peralta showcased her colourful weaving. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

NZ Textile Experiences - Maggy Johnston crafting contemporary sculptures. Photo supplied by Karen Scott

The 'Nelson Embroiderers Guild' opened their studio, showcasing members' intricate embroidery works and offering the chance to observe this delicate art form in action. Meanwhile, the 'Nelson Cake Decorators and Sugar Art' members hosted two public workshops, providing insights into the art of cake decorating and sugar artistry. Finally, the 'Nelson Quilters' displayed samples of their traditional quilting art and invited visitors to try their hand at the sewing machines.

Nelson Embroiderers Guild showing their delicate embroidery work. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

The Nelson Quilters display with handy tips being discussed. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

The ‘Jane Pascoe Movement’ Dancers presented a splendid preview of their 2023 show ‘Dancing through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.’ Jane Pascoe said, “the young dancers performing at the Pūtangitangi Greenmeadows Centre's ‘Adventure in Art’ was the perfect time for the dancers to prepare for their three sell out performances, at the Theatre Royal, the following week.” 

Jane Pascoe Movement Dancers previewing their 2023 show 'Dancing through the 50's, 60's and 70's.'  Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

The event also featured thought-provoking films presented by Karen Scott and her husband Vaughan Scott who organised the 'Top of the South Filmmakers' contribution ‘Flicks on Friday,’ adding a cinematic touch to the artistic journey. Karen Scott said, “We screened ten short films from the 2021 and 2022 Film Festival at the Suter Theatre.” A list of the films shown is below.

The house was full for the ‘Flicks on Friday’ and there are active people who would like to become involved in the filmmakers society. If anyone wants to know more about the Top of the South Filmmakers you may contact them here:

As the final notes of the Nelson Youth Choir resonated through the Greenmeadows Centre on Sunday, August 20, the event drew to a close. Gareth Cashin, the Centre Manager, reflecting on the event's resounding success, acknowledged the incredible talent within Stoke and hinted at the possibility of its return.

The Nelson Youth Choir sang splendidly on the final day resonating through the Greenmeadows Centre. Photo supplied by Karen Scott.

“There has been overwhelming support and feedback from the participating groups and from the event visitors. In relation to repeating the event next year we have to look at the huge amount of work in creating and presenting the event, which we will consider together with the feedback from all the groups who took part,” Gareth Cashin, co-organiser said.

Karen Scott, co-organiser concluded, "Incredible talent resides in Stoke alone. I believe we will continue this journey next year, learning from the feedback and enhancing our efforts to make it even more exceptional. Despite a little rain, the event was a resounding success.” 

As curtains fell on 'An Adventure in Art' 2023, the Greenmeadows Centre stood as a testament to the power of art in uniting communities and kindling creative sparks. The event's triumphs are bound to resonate beyond its culmination, leaving an indelible mark on the Stoke community's artistic landscape.


Credit to Lucy Mahuika for her detailed artwork. 

 Photo supplied by Nayland College Visual Arts.

Lucy Mahuika's statement about her artwork is as follows:

I am passionate about my Maori culture. I like to explore a lot of different designs and meanings. Each time I create a drawing I add my own twist to it. No designs are going to be the same.

Credit to Leon Fenemor for his detailed artwork. 

 Photo supplied by Nayland College Visual Arts.

Leon Fenemor's statement about his artwork is as follows:

Hello my name is Leon. I have a passion for flying and have been selling these artworks to help fund my pilots license. You can see all my works on my Facebook or Instagram account which is Leon Fenemor NZ Aviation Art.

Congratulations to Leon, for using his art to fund his other passion flying - help him on his way!


Credit to Gilligan Wood for his detailed artwork. 

 Photo supplied by Nayland College Visual Arts.

Gilligan Wood's statement about his artwork is as follows:

I want to express the style and mood of life in the 1980's for my Level 3 Photography portfolio, while also including some surrealistic themes and imagery. I have taken inspiration from different art mediums used by the mid-20th Century film director Alfred Hitchcock and German/English Photographer Bill Brant from the early 20th Century.

Credit to Logan Miao for his detailed artwork. 

 Photo supplied by Nayland College Visual Arts.

Logan Miao's statement about his artwork is as follows:

The concept that I am basing my work on, is an imaginary personal racing brand (MIA086). I am creating merchandise and themed designs for the brand. My inspiration for the theme and styles of my work are from the likes of 'Need for Speed’, game posters and covers, these portray a neon Synth-wave style that utilises aggressive angles, vibrant colours, and eye-catching fonts to make an engaging visual.

Credit to Brooklyn Leary for his detailed artwork. 

 Photo supplied by Nayland College Visual Arts.

Brooklyn Leary's statement about his artwork is as follows:

My inspiration for my artwork this year is my WHAKAPAPA. A lot of my pieces are based on my Koro/Granddad. My family name is Rangiriri Kohe. I have documented his tangi/funeral in remembrance oh him.

The Nayland College Visual Art was displayed like this at the exhibition 'An Adventure in Art.' Photo supplied by Nayland College Visual Arts.

'Flicks on Friday' programme: 

Top of The South Filmmakers

Flicks on Friday

Death Round Every Bend - Historical Drama

A short film about the infamous 1866 ‘Maungatapu Murders’ by the Burgess/Kelly Gang, in the hills behind Nelson, New Zealand. Shot in the very place where the events took place. 

Directed by Aaron Falvey | Written by Justin Eade

Belvedere Excelsior

A young man who works backstage at a theatre dreams of one day treading the boards instead of sweeping them.

Directed & Edited by Douglas Brooks | Written & Produced by Justin Eade

Rock Bottom – Drama 2021

An ageing boxer who refuses to quit has an honest conversation with his coach and trainer, but can they talk him round before his impending fight?

Written & Directed by Aaron Falvey | Starring Douglas Brooks & Ian Lesa

Christmas Cracker – Comedy - 2022

Christmas is a time for peace and goodwill to all men. Well, perhaps not all men. There’s always some mean-spirited Scrooge ready to pour cold water on the festive

season, never mind the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. All it takes is one small child to show Ebenezer the errors of his ways.

Directed & Produced by Alexei D’Ath

The British Broadcasting Corporal – Narrative 2022

Cockney Bert Withers, an impoverished, hungover, third-rate actor, somehow becomes the posh and upbeat voice behind the stirring British Newsreel films during the war.

Winner Best International Short 2022 Sherwood Players International Film Festival.

Written & Directed by Justin Eade.


The Bind – now titled – The Predicament - Narrative

Teenager Fleur’s loyalty to her pregnant mum is put to the test whem her volotile step dad makes a risky decision that jeopardises them all.

Winner Best Movie Top of The South Film Festival 2022.

Directed by Monica Pausina | Written by Monica Pausina & Joya Devine

James Blond - Comedy 2021

A jaded spy is about to be ‘retired’ by a hitwoman, but she makes the mistake of allowing him a few final words. 

Directed by Jonathan Lopardo | Written by Justin


Tinsel Over Twizel – Romantic Comedy 2021

Tired of unrealistic romantic musicals, a reigning Bollywood queen films a movie in the rugged New Zealand high country, but when she’s forced to star opposite a rough Kiwi horse wrangler she soon finds more realism than she bargained for.

Directed by Pamela Guha | Written by Justin Eade

Uncle Bill – Narrative- 2022

Bill is a lonely soul and feels sorry for himself and his life. His niece’s charm and vitality wins Bill over and he starts to enjoy spending time with him.

Written & Produced by Jochaim Lang | Directed, DoP, Edited and Sound by Vaughan Scott

The Collector

Set in the near future, the ultimate prize arrives for a reclusive collector.

Best Director, Best Cinematography & Best Sound/Music - Top of The South Film Festival 2020

Directed, DoP, Edit & Sound by Daniel Allen | Written & acted by Paul Hargreaves

War Paint – Drama 2021

A young british soldier is shot and dying before the ramparts of a Pa during the 1864 invasion of the Waikato. He has given up all hope and resigns himself to death, when a young Maori woman mysteriously comes to his aid.

Written & Directed by Justin Eade

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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