Friday, September 15, 2023

Nelson Giants in Murchison

Nelson Giants' Sam Dempster and School children of Murchison. Photo curtsy of TDC/ MSRCC. 

 Nelson Giants' Sam Dempster Inspires Young Hoop Dreams While 'Giants in Schools' Program Expands Reach to Murchison

In a thrilling development for young basketball enthusiasts in Murchison, the Nelson Giants' charismatic captain, Sam Dempster, brought his wealth of experience to the local community on Thursday, September 14th, between 9.45 am and 1.15 pm. The Murchison Recreation Centre was abuzz with excitement as they hosted three coaching sessions with the NBL star on that memorable day.

Sam Dempster, a stalwart of the Nelson Giants, boasts an impressive 15-year tenure with the team, during which he has held the captain's armband for the past 7 years. Notably, he marked his presence on the international stage last season when he made his debut for the New Zealand Tall Blacks, a testament to his outstanding skills and leadership on the court.

One of the key highlights of Dempster's coaching journey is his role with the Nelson College side. The team recently clinched a commendable third place in the South Island tournament, earning them a coveted spot in the upcoming Nationals. This remarkable achievement highlights not only his prowess as a player but also his coaching acumen.

'Giant in schools' programme Murchison 14 September 2023. Photo curtsy of TDC/ MSRCC. 

The visit by Sam Dempster presented a golden opportunity for the aspiring young basketball talents of Murchison to learn from a true basketball maestro. His dedication to nurturing the next generation of basketball players aligns perfectly with the Giants' mission to develop the game and increase participation in the sport. The club's long-standing initiative, 'Giants in Schools,' which sees players regularly coaching basketball in primary schools throughout the NBL season, has played a pivotal role in bolstering the local player base.

The Murchison school children were very excited to have the Nelson Giants basketball star visit. The community as a whole appreciates the Giants sharing their skills with the community's children. Unfortunately, the Giants mascot G.I. ANT could not make it to the event, but the enthusiasm remained undiminished.

Nelson Giants Mascot G.I. ANT could not make it to Murchison. Photo credit to Nelson Giants.

The Murchison Recreation Centre welcomed the Nelson Giants' captain with open arms, and the enthusiasm among the participating children was palpable. This event was an inspiring and educational experience for the young athletes, and the local community witnessed the magic unfold on the courts.

'Giants in Schools' with Sam Dempster in Murchison, Tasman.  Photo credit to TDC/MSRCC.

As the Nelson Giants extend their reach and impact through initiatives like 'Giants in Schools,' their dedication to the local community and the sport of basketball remains stronger than ever. They reinforce their status as not only formidable competitors but also passionate advocates for the game, creating a legacy that extends far beyond the NBL courts.

Thanks to Nelson Giants.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond, Tasman.

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