Friday, January 14, 2022

‘Aggressive’ Protesters make Golden Bay Council Staff Retreat to Back Room

Tasman Golden Bay 

Tasman District Council Tākaka Council Service Centre

The Tasman District Council on the 10 January advised the public that the My Vaccine Pass will be needed by people who enter the Tasman District Libraries from Wednesday the 12 January.

This Council decision followed the introduction of a new policy by Tasman District Council that required all library staff to have received their first Covid-19 vaccine by 5 January.

Despite the requirement of the My Vaccine Pass all the library staff in all of Tasman’s Libraries are still going to provide alternative services for unvaccinated members of the public.

Nevertheless on January 11th, a demonstration opposing the Tasman District Council policy of requiring the My Vaccine Passes (MVP) for libraries was held at the Tasman District Council Tākaka Service Centre.

Tim O’Connell ​The ​Communications Officer from Tasman District Council confirmed that “at around 11.20am on Tuesday 11 January, several staff working inside Tasman District Council’s Tākaka Service Centre on Commercial St were confronted by a group of aggressive protesters who had entered the building.”

“Indications were that the protest was in relation to the mandating of vaccine passes at Tasman District Libraries from January 12.”


“Staff managed the situation extremely well by removing themselves into a back room while the Police were called. The group moved outside soon after – after which the centre’s entrance doors were secured.”

Police said “there were reports to Police of a number of people at the Takaka Service Centre around 11:15am on Tuesday, who were acting in a disorderly manner and refusing to leave. No one was injured.”

“It appears a short time later, they (the) group left, and Police were no longer required” Police said.​ There were about 30 protesters and no one was arrested.​

The group of protesters were extremely aggressive in their actions and towards the Council staff who have no say in the decision of Council. 

There was some expectation that some sort of demonstration would occur in Golden Bay in relation to more covid-19 restrictions in the Bay.

The Tākaka Service Centre remained closed until 1pm, Tim O’Connell ​The ​Communications Officer for the Tasman District Council said.

Council staff are being supported to ensure they are able to continue working in a safe environment.


“While we (Council) appreciates people’s right to protest, we do not condone the actions of the group” Tim O’Connell The Communications Officer finally commented.

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