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Dale Carston - Creative Interesting and Expert Richmond Barber


Photo: Ray Therkleson.  Richmond Expert Barber

The first article of the New Year for Pigeon Post News 2022 is about having a great haircut which one needs perhaps after letting your hair down over Christmas and New Year.

I met an interesting and expert barber in Richmond, Dale Carston on my travels.

Dale, the owner of Dale’s Barber Shop in Sundial Square, Richmond, just off Queen Street, said “I’m very busy with only myself doing the work here, but I do enjoy meeting such a variety of people and being busy.”

He is a long standing Richmond resident being in Richmond all his life “ I have seen a lot of changes over the years “ he said.

Photo: Ray Therkleson. Dale Carston outside 'Dale's Barber Shop' Richmond

Dale has had his Barbers Shop in the present location for just over two years and he was originally working as a barber in Nelson but when he saw his present shop up for lease in Richmond, close to home, he went for it!

Dale is fortunate that his barber shop is in a fantastic central spot, a nice location in the middle of Richmond, with plenty of parking and easy access for his clients.

Dale said “it’s the best move I’ve made in my 14 years as being a barber.”

His barber shop is a typical NZ barber shop decorated in an eclectic fashion with lots of different things to take your eye.

Photo: Ray Therkleson. Interior of 'Dale's Barber Shop' Richmond

Dale unfortunately has no one to help him at the moment since there is a shortage of barbers in Nelson. He has been advertising for a barber in Nelson and all over New Zealand but has had no success at obtaining any applicants. If you are interested, give him a ring.

He said “it’s a good place to be in, I’m very busy as there are enough customers for two barbers. It’s a good problem to have, but finding staff is the issue at the moment.”

He has made good use of his time during lockdown, level three, by enlarging and opening up his barber shop into his side rooms. The alteration has made a lot more room for spacing out seating and there are two separate hair cutting rooms, which makes it very suitable for covid in my opinion, but I know he would like to go further and make one large room. Dale joked “it was like working on ‘The Block’ for a week!” He had to have the job done quickly.”

"There is a resurgence in barbering as a lot of young guys are coming in for different kinds of haircuts these days (what youth would call stylish ‘sick’ haircuts) plus with the increasing population growth of Richmond it’s making a great difference in men wanting hair cuts” he said.

Photo: Ray Therkleson. 'Dale's Barber Shop,' Sundial Square, Richmond

The following three topics will be covered more fully later:

1/ Historically barber shops were frequented by people needing not only a haircut but also requiring attention for all kinds of ailments, and barbers also became the favourite resort for people in a quest for news and gossip.

2/ Dale's Barber Shop is located in one of the old Richmond Post Office buildings, with three other businesses in the same building.

3/ Dale’s great great great grandfather Wong Ah Poo Hoc Ting ( Appo Hocton ) on his mother’s side of the family was the first Chinese Immigrant to arrive in Nelson and Dale’s father came from Invercargill. He joked “I get my good looks from my Father.” 

Dale’s Barber Shop is at 11 Sundial Square, Richmond. Mob 027 424 7288, 027 HAIRCUT and you can book online on Facebook under ‘Dale’s Barber Shop.’ 

He would be pleased to see you even though he’s busy. Well, I trust him with my hair!

Photo: Ray Therkleson
More about this topic later.

Ray Therkleson

Pigeon Post News

Article to be continued.


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