Thursday, January 20, 2022

Emergency Services to the Rescue


Richmond Volunteer Fire Service. Photo Ray Therkleson

St John Nelson Bays were very busy over the New Year holiday period and so were the Richmond Fire Service. Many people were out and about with accidents happening and also medical emergencies.

One incident in Richmond showed how busy the emergency services were.

St John Nelson Bays Territory Manager Anne-Maree Harris said “St John Ambulance takes patient welfare very seriously and it’s always our objective to respond as soon as possible – with life-threatening calls given the highest priority – which is the right approach to prioritise the most urgent and time-critical patients, but it means some patients may experience a wait.” 

A very elderly man had a fall in Sundial Square at the rear of Richmond Mall on Tuesday the 11th January.  St John confirmed “it was notified of an incident near Richmond Mall at 1.51pm.”

Members of the general public and Richmond Mall Security were looking after the man in the very hot afternoon sun. The Richmond Mall Security brought out umbrellas so the members of the public could shade the patient.

St John Nelson Bays Territory Manager Anne-Maree Harris said “an ambulance was assigned about 40 minutes after the first call but unfortunately was diverted to another higher priority call.”

By approximately 2.10 The Richmond Volunteer Fire Service arrived to lend a hand and do what they could.

Anne-Maree Harris said “St John clinical support (a paramedic or ICP) contacted to re-triage the patient at 3.01pm and determined that, whilst considered urgent, the priority had not changed due to other ambulances being committed to more serious incidents. The ambulance arrived at 4.52pm.”

St John Nelson Bays Ambulance. Photo Ray Therkleson

The injured person had approximately a two hour wait for an ambulance even though it was only a 15 to 20 minute trip to hospital due to the emergency services being so busy.

St John Nelson Bays Territory Manager Anne-Maree Harris said “the long wait times are frustrating, and St John continues to review its practices to ensure all patients are attended to as quickly as possible.” 

“As an organisation we always strive to provide a high standard of care to patients, and we are continually evaluating the workload to get assistance to patients as soon as possible.”

Check out St John Community Shop 56-48 Rutherford St Nelson. Photo Ray Therkleson

Check out St John Nelson Bays web site to become a financial member of St John or to find out how you could help them. Look up St John Nelson and Tasman Bays Community organisation to find out how you could help there or visit St John Community Shop (op shop) 56-48 Rutherford Street, Nelson. You might find a bargain and also help St John’s.

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