Friday, February 25, 2022

Water Restrictions

Cobb Dam Golden Bay


Moutere Eastern Groundwater Zone remains in Stage One Water restrictions 

Tasman District Council issued a further water restriction notice on 16 February.

Tasman District Council is keeping Stage One water restrictions in place for water users in the Moutere Eastern Groundwater Zone, despite recent rainfall around the region. 

Stage One Rationing, which is a 20 per cent cut in authorised weekly usage will continue from Monday 21 February 2022 for the holders of consents within the Moutere Eastern Groundwater Zone. 

Most parts of the district had received significant rainfall over the past weeks, which had allowed previous Stage One and Phase A water restrictions to be lifted in most areas on February 4. 

The Cobb Dam in Golden Bay was now filled to more than 55 per cent capacity, while the Kainui Dam at Wai-iti had reached full capacity last week. 

The Cobb Reservoir Golden Bay

However, the clay-based, non-porous nature of the soils in the Moutere Eastern Groundwater area meant large amounts of rainwater had not been absorbed as much as in other zones. 

Restriction of domestic water use within the rationed water management zone means watering of lawns or decorative gardens is not permitted, although stock drinking water is not restricted. 

Dry Weather Task Force convenor Dennis Bush-King said that demand for water over the next month is expected to ramp up in the absence of rain, so the Council needs to manage abstraction through to the end of the growing 


Dry Weather Task Force convenor Mr Dennis Bush-King. Photo supplied Tasman District Council

“The rain we have received has not seen a sufficient response in ground water levels in the Moutere Eastern aquifer and the current notice is set to expire on Sunday 20 February. To give sufficient notice to water users, I have extended the restrictions.” 

If levels improve above the trigger levels, the Council will review this decision.  

Dennis said "that it was important that all users connected to Council water supplies continue to conserve water in the coming weeks."

Wapiti River Tasman


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