Monday, May 30, 2022


Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen

Grand Prix winner Sergio Perez and P3 finisher Max Verstappen have been cleared of crossing the pit exit in separate incidents on Sunday.

Both drivers were summoned to the Stewards on Sunday after two protests by Ferrari, who wanted to clarify whether they had stayed to the right of the yellow line while exiting the pits during the race around Monte Carlo.

The Stewards' verdict, in two separate documents but combined here, read that, after hearing arguments from both Ferrari and Red Bull: "All parties agreed that Car 1 [Verstappen] did have part of its front left and rear left tyre on the left side of the yellow line. All parties agreed that most of the left front and left rear tyres of that car remained on the yellow line.

"At the hearing Ferrari conceded that Car 11 [Perez] did not have any part of its front or rear tyres on the left of the yellow line and conceded that the Protest was unfounded.”


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