Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Port Tarakohe penguin protection approved

Little Blue Penguins in Golden Bay

 Tasman District Council Protection for port penguins

 A colony of Little Blue Penguins in Golden Bay is to get increased protection following a decision by Tasman District Council to construct a fence to limit access to their breeding grounds. 

At a meeting on Thursday 19 May Councillors agreed to approve the construction of a fence at Port Tarakohe following an approach from the Mōhua/Golden Bay Blue Penguin Trust. 

Initially it was proposed that a fence of around 80 metres long with a locked gate be constructed to exclude people from the Western Arm of the port’s breakwater.  

However following a round of public consultation, a proposal for two shorter, less visually intrusive fences with a gate controlled by a keypad or combination lock. 

Access for fishers will be available by a permit system but all dogs will be banned. Educational brochures will be supplied to those requiring access. 

The cost of construction of the fence is yet to be finalised but is expected to be less than $10,000 with the price of materials having already being met by the Mōhua/Golden Bay Blue Penguin Trust. 

The area will be monitored by the trust to measure the effectiveness of the protection measures and the arrangements will be reviewed by the Golden Bay Community Board every three years.


As the former Chair of the Mohua Blue Penguin Trust I would like to correct this article. That the Trust lobbied Council hard, but unsuccessfully for a card access gate for local fishers. You will see my letter in Friday's Golden Bay Weekly.


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