Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Conservation Week 14 to 20 August 2023

DOC would like us to Take Action for Nature and Clean Spaces this Week

Conservation Week, a national event promoting nature and conservation engagement, is back this year, urging Aotearoa's residents to step up for nature. The Department of Conservation (DOC) is calling on individuals to contribute to a cleaner environment by participating in various activities. These actions include picking up litter, contributing time or funds to local community initiatives, and making sustainable choices to protect the unique ecosystems of Aotearoa.

Why Clean Up?

In this year's Conservation Week, DOC is challenging citizens to make a difference by cleaning up litter, safeguarding cherished local spots. Whether it's a beach, park, trail, or playground, these places hold personal significance to many as sources of leisure, exercise, and solace. However, litter poses a grave threat to these areas, impacting soil, waterways, wildlife, and overall ecological health. Collaborative efforts are crucial to counteract this harm, ensuring the preservation of natural spaces for both fauna and human well-being.

Taking Action

Taking action is straightforward and impactful. When in your treasured spaces, observe the amount and common areas of litter accumulation. Equip yourself with gloves and a bag – a paper supermarket bag or a bin liner – and aim to fill it before heading home. Share photos of your efforts online using DOC's #ConservationWeek hashtag to inspire others. Additionally, demonstrate love for nature by taking responsibility for your own waste during outdoor activities, such as walks, hikes, or bike rides. Carry a bag or container to collect your waste, minimizing your environmental footprint.

Further Steps for a Cleaner Environment

Engage younger generations by discussing the significance of maintaining clean natural spaces and involving them in litter cleanups. Organize outings with friends or family to clean up beaches or nature trails during weekends. Protect local wildlife by addressing food waste, as even biodegradable materials can attract harmful pests if left in inappropriate environments. To reduce waste, explore plastic-free alternatives in your household.

As Conservation Week continues, Aotearoa's residents are called upon to unite in a shared commitment to preserving the country's extraordinary natural heritage. By taking action, individuals contribute not only to the health of the environment but also to their own well-being.


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