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MetService Media Release for Weather covering period Monday 14th - Friday 18th August - Plus details on Tasman East


Richmond Looking towards the Bay

Briefly Wet, Briefly Dry

The week ahead shows spring is not far away, with MetService forecasting westerly winds and wet, thundery weather in the west, and drier conditions in the east. With average weather comes average temperatures, but a chill creeps in ahead of the weekend.

John from MetService said “there does not look to be much rain in store for the eastern parts of Tasman this week.  The majority of the rainfall forecast this week will be brought along on westerly winds and so the ranges in the west of the region will be acting as a good block to the wet weather. There is some rainfall for the east on Wednesday but a ridge of pressure building on Thursday and Friday will bring a few more dry but cold days.”

“The rainfall accumulation chart below gives an idea of how much rain you could expect across your region this week. (see below)

MetService - Friday 18th August 5pm Accumulated rainfall

John went on to say “the rainfall figures for the winter so far in east Tasman looking at Nelson Airport:

June 83.4mm

July 33.6mm

August (so far) 16.4mm


The average for each month is normally around 80mm for June, July and August in the east of Tasman and Nelson”

A complex low-pressure system to the south of Te Waipounamu/the South Island throws a series of active rainbands over the country throughout the week, with heavy falls and thunderstorms possible for western areas from Monday right through to Wednesday evening. 

MetService meteorologist Clare O’Connor offers more detail: “These bands of rain - with embedded thunderstorms - are relatively short-lived, but there are a number of them that pass over, battering the west coasts of both main islands over the next couple of days.” 

Out east, everything looks a lot drier. Residents of eastern areas of Aotearoa New Zealand can expect to remain mostly dry until early Wednesday, but remnants of a cold front bring some wet weather to Bay of Plenty and the East Cape Monday evening.

“Wednesday morning brings a shift from a northwesterly flow to southwesterlies. This shift brings more precipitation to that previously dry east and clears up conditions in the west by Wednesday night.” O’Connor details. 

A building ridge of high pressure on Thursday will see a respite from the showery weather, however the clearer skies will bring a morning chill that will be missing earlier in the week. The ridge looks to be brief; a new low developing off the east coast of Australia approaches Aotearoa on Friday, and while there is uncertainty about the impacts it will have, a wet weekend looks likely for the west again.

MetService Forecast 48 Hour Rainfall Accumulation


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