Thursday, August 31, 2023

Māpua Masterplan


Engage in Shaping Māpua's Future: Join the Community Drop-in Sessions on the Māpua Masterplan

Māpua, Tasman District - The Tasman District Council is inviting all residents of Māpua to actively participate in the development of the Māpua Masterplan by providing their valuable feedback and insights. The first in a series of interactive drop-in sessions, aimed at engaging the community on the Māpua Masterplan, is scheduled to be held at the Māpua Community Hall this Saturday. The sessions will run from 10am to 12pm, and again from 1pm to 3pm.

Your Voice Matters: Have a Say in Māpua's Future

The Tasman District Council recognises the importance of community input in shaping the future of Māpua. The upcoming drop-in sessions are designed to foster meaningful discussions and gather insights from local residents. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity for community members to voice their opinions and contribute to the vision outlined in the Māpua Masterplan.

Engagement Dates and Times:

  • Saturday: 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm
  • Thursday, September 14: 2pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm

The Council hopes for robust discussions and valuable feedback from the community to help shape the Masterplan document effectively. One of the central topics up for discussion is the integration of diverse housing and business options that uphold Māpua's unique character while remaining resilient to natural hazards and climate change.

Building a Resilient Future: Addressing Key Concerns

Local concerns about proposed residential development are emerging, with some residents advocating for more housing options for retirees. The need for increased housing aligns with the growing population in Tasman. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in enhancing community facilities for both current and future residents. 

Maintaining a vibrant business environment is equally crucial for Māpua's sustainable growth. Without more attractive business offerings, the area's tourism potential during the summer and winter seasons could be at risk. The Masterplan aims to address these concerns and ensure a thriving economy.

Another key point of contention is the establishment of climate-resilient infrastructure to support existing and upcoming developments. The recent issue of sewage discharge into the estuary near Māpua's wharf has raised concerns about environmental sustainability. These challenges underscore the significance of proactive climate change planning and infrastructure development.

Be Part of the Conversation at Māpua Community Hall.

There are ten topics up for discussion, perhaps more to come, which underscores the importance of your input. The Māpua Community Hall is where the conversations will take place. Your presence and insights can significantly impact the future of Māpua. For more details on the Māpua Masterplan and how you can participate, please visit

This is from a concerned resident of Tasman

Raw sewerage or wastewater being pumped beside the Māpua wharf into the estuary August last year

People swimming by the Māpua wharf close to were raw sewerage or wastewater had been pumped out

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