Friday, September 22, 2023

Richmond Transport Choices Project 


Public Feedback has made Changes to first Richmond Transport Choices Project 

22 September 2023

Tasman District Council’s first Transport Choices project in Richmond is about to hit the streets, and final changes have been made to it following community feedback. 

Funding for this work comes from a share of the Government’s $350m distributed by Waka Kotahi to rapidly reallocate existing street space for walking, cycling and public transport. 

A series of safety improvements are going to be made on William Street and some nearby side streets, and the views residents were sought. 

One contentious issue from talking to people was the proposed trial of a no right turn out of William Street on to Salisbury Road. 

Many people expressed concerns about that idea, so ways were investigated of making changes while ensuring improved safety for walkers and bike riders at that intersection. The project team went back to the drawing board and redesigned the layout, and the right turn has been retained. 

Transportation Manager Jamie McPherson says this is why we seek constructive feedback for projects like this, so we can make considered decisions. 

“In this case, we are able make changes to the project while being able to maintain the key objectives of improving safety in the neighbourhood.”     

Jamie McPherson says that we have found that William Street plays a vital role in creating an inclusive, safe, vibrant, and sustainable area to live in. 

“By improving safety, particularly around schools, we’re ensuring everyone including our rangatahi (young people) can move around safely by walking, scooting, biking or whichever way they choose.” 

Isaac Construction was awarded the contract to do the work expected to start in early October and finish by February 2024. 

Residents who may be affected by construction work will be contacted directly, otherwise you can keep up to date on Tasman District Council’s Shape Tasman website,


Jamie McPherson 

Transportation Manager 

Community Infrastructure  

03 543 7256

Tasman District Council Communications.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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