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Saturday 25 November: Nelson Airport tests emergency response with planned simulation

Emergency Simulation at Nelson Airport. Photo Credit: Angela Middlebrook, Nelson Airport.   

 Successful Emergency Simulation at Nelson Airport Validates Emergency Response Preparedness

Date: 27 November 2023

Nelson Airport's recent full-scale emergency exercise on Saturday, 25 November, proved to be a seamless collaboration between the airport's Rescue Fire Service, Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ), Police, and Hato Hone St John. The exercise, which simulated an aircraft crash landing, involved 80 to 100 emergency service personnel and volunteers. Notably, the airport remained fully operational throughout the exercise, ensuring no disruption to regular services or activities.

According to Nelson Airport Senior Rescue Fire Officer Matt van der Heyden, the comprehensive emergency exercise was a mandatory requirement, conducted every two years under Civil Aviation Authority rules. Van der Heyden emphasized the importance of such simulations, stating, "Events such as the one we’re practicing for are extremely rare, but that makes simulations such as this even more important to ensure we are prepared to respond should the need ever arise.”

The exercise kicked off at 10:30 am and concluded by 2:00 pm, encompassing controlled live fire and smoke, along with increased emergency service traffic and activity around the airport. Matt reassured the public that these elements were all part of the exercise, meticulously planned over several months leading up to the event.

In a post-exercise update on 27 November 2023, Nelson Airport reported that the emergency simulation ran smoothly, with emergency services successfully testing their procedures and equipment. Matt van der Heyden expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating, "It went extremely well, and while there are always a few small things to work on, I was really pleased with how well everyone worked together to respond to the scenario.”

Testing Emergency Response at Nelson Airport. Photo Credit: Angela Middlebrook, Nelson Airport.   

He extended gratitude to all the agencies involved in the simulation and gave a special acknowledgment to the Air Training Corps No. 23 (Nelson) Squadron, whose volunteers played a crucial role in simulating casualties during the exercise.

Nelson Airport, in compliance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations, will continue to conduct such comprehensive emergency exercises every two years to ensure the ongoing preparedness and effectiveness of its emergency response capabilities.

Nelson Airport Communications Manager, Beth Catley.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond

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