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Tasman urban water restrictions - Phase A

Tasman Water Restrictions. File Photo

Phase A restrictions introduced for Tasman urban supplies from December 1

29 November, 2023


Tasman District Council has announced that Phase A water restrictions are being introduced for its urban water supplies, and their rural extensions, effective from this Friday December 1, 2023.  

The areas affected are the Wakefield and Waimea zones, which includes Richmond, Brightwater, Hope, Redwood 1 and 2 and Māpua water supplies.  

Nelson residents living adjacent to Champion Road, where water is supplied from the Richmond Water Supply Scheme, will also face Phase A water restrictions.  

This also covers the Wakatu Industrial Estate, Champion Rd and parts of Saxton Road West. 

Community Infrastructure Group Manager Richard Kirby says recent data showed that Council’s water readings in the Waimea bores and Delta zone were above the consented take.  

“These measures do not reflect an overly low level of water available in the district, as most schemes are well below their interim limits.” 

“However, it has underlined a need for precautions to avoid broader restrictions later in the season. With a dry summer predicted, we are implementing these restrictions in order to extend our aquifier supplies throughout summer.” 

“We will be reviewing the situation the following week to see if there is any improvement. The amount of rainfall in the coming days will determine whether there is a need for ongoing or elevated restrictions.”   

“In the meantime, we encourage residents in all areas of the district to conserve water as much as possible and hints on how to do that are available on the Council website.” 

Under Phase A restrictions, watering of grass or lawns is not permitted.  However, watering decorative and productive gardens is permitted using a handheld hose with trigger nozzle or time limited water system.    

For pool owners, filling a pool is prohibited at this time, however topping up a pool is still permitted.       

More details on what the restrictions mean can be found at .

Information about Phase A water restrictions at home:

Phase A:


  • Do outdoor washing (cars, windows, outdoor areas) with a hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, water blaster or bucket.
  • Water your flowers/trees/planters with a hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, watering systems on a timer or a bucket. Watering listed protected trees is allowed using these methods.
  • Water your veggie garden and fruit trees with a hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, watering systems on a timer or a bucket.
  • Top up a pool, spa or water feature.
  • Use water for play.


  • Water the lawn.
  • Fill a pool, spa or water feature but you can top one up if needed.

Tasman District Council Communications.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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