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Dry summer forecast sees wider water restrictions introduced for Tasman

 Dry summer forecast sees wider water restrictions introduced for Tasman 

13 December, 2023

Driven by falling river flows, an extended dry summer forecast and a need to conserve water at the earliest opportunity, Tasman District Council has announced water restrictions for a number of urban users and consent holders.  

A meeting of Tasman’s Dry Weather Task Force was held this week to discuss the possible implementation of measures, in response to the arrival of the El Nino weather pattern and the likelihood of drier months ahead. 

Taskforce convenor Kim Drummond said having sufficient water available for everyone – be it for irrigation, commercial or residential use - was a major consideration for the district.  

Therefore, a conservative approach was essential to meet the demand of the community. 

“Our primary objective is to ensure  the rivers and aquifers have enough water to support life, and due to the dry weather we need to start rationing the amount that people use.” 

“With minimal rainfall expected in the lead up to Christmas, it is important to be prepared and take action now so we can avoid water shortages and broader restrictions later in the summer season. 

Water Consent Holders 

Stage 1 Rationing - or a 20% cut from authorised weekly usage - will begin from Monday 18 December 2023 for consent holders in the Dovedale and Motupiko Water Management Zones where flows have or are about to hit trigger levels. 

Watering of lawns or decorative gardens is not permitted for any water user situated in the affected water management zones. Stock drinking water is not affected by these water restrictions. 

“The position will be reviewed at the next meeting of the Dry Weather Taskforce on 19 December 2023 – in the meantime, we ask everyone to conserve water as much as they can,” Kim said. 

If you receive your water from a Council supply 

Users on Council-managed reticulated water supplies are also affected, with Phase B water restrictions coming into effect on Friday 15 December, for those on water supply in Wakefield, Richmond, Brightwater, Hope, Redwood Valley 1 and 2, Māpua / Ruby Bay, Dovedale and Eighty Eight Valley. 

Nelson residents living adjacent to Champion Road, Wakatu Industrial Estate, and parts of Saxton Road West, where water is supplied from the Richmond Water Supply Scheme, will also face Phase B water restrictions. 

Tasman District Council Group Manager Community Infrastructure Richard Kirby said “the move to Phase B followed the implementation of Phase A restrictions on December 1 and was primarily driven by the need to avoid exceeding the amount of water Council could extract from its intakes”.   

“It’s important to note that Phase B is very much at the lower end of the scale of the restrictions we implement – but with minimal rain forecast in the coming days, we need to continue managing demand by implementing restrictions at this time.” 

  • Under Phase B restrictions; 
  • You can't water the lawn, fill or top up a pool, spa or water feature, or use water for play. 
  • You can still do outdoor washing (cars, windows, outdoor areas) with a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, water blaster or bucket. 
  • Flowers/trees/planters can be watered every second day only with a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, watering systems on a timer or a bucket. 
  • Veggie gardens and fruit trees can be watered with a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, watering systems on a timer, or a bucket. 

Richard said “the situation will continue to be monitored in the coming days. However, if there is no significant rainfall and demand does not reduce then Phase C restrictions will follow on 22 December 2023”. 

More details on what the restrictions mean can be found at

Source: Tasman District Council, Te tai o Aorere, Communications.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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