Sunday, December 17, 2023

Security Scare at Nelson Airport

Nelson Airport receives "Concerning" email. Photo R Therkleson.

Security Scare at Nelson Airport Resolved: Terminal Evacuated Following email of a "concerning nature"

In a development today, Sunday, December 17, at Nelson Airport, authorities swiftly responded to a threatening email, resulting in the evacuation of the airport terminal as a precautionary measure. Police are actively working to trace the origin of the concerning email and assure the public that no immediate threat has been identified.

The security measures were implemented after the airport received an alarming email, prompting the involvement of the police, ambulance, and fire service. The evacuation, which took place just after 9 am, was conducted to ensure the safety of all individuals present. The building was cleared for re-entry shortly before 10 am, allowing for the resumption of flights.

While there is confidence from the police that there is no ongoing threat, the terminal remained evacuated as a precautionary step. Authorities advise members of the public to avoid the airport until the incident is fully resolved. Traveler's with flights to and from Nelson are urged to follow instructions provided by their respective airlines.

Police expressed understanding of the unsettling nature of such incidents and extended gratitude to everyone involved for their cooperation during the investigation. Ongoing inquiries are being conducted to determine the source of the threatening email, and updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

The latest update from the Police Media Centre is that normal operations are resuming at the Nelson Airport and that “both the airport and planes there have been cleared and Police are confident there is no ongoing threat.

Police Media Centre

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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