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Richmond Community Christmas Dinner - KOHA ENTRY



A Heartwarming Christmas Dinner: Holy Trinity Church Welcomes Members of the Community who may need it the most.

As the festive season approaches, the spirit of giving and community comes alive in Richmond. Holy Trinity Church is extending a warm invitation to the members of the Richmond community who need a Christmas Dinner provided for them filled with joy, and the spirit of giving.

Date and Venue:

On Christmas Day, Monday, December 25, the Holy Trinity Church Hall at 27 Dorset St, Richmond, will transform into a haven of holiday cheer. The doors will open at 11:00am, where guests can enjoy delightful nibbles and non-alcoholic drinks, setting the stage for a festive celebration. The Christmas Dinner will commence at 12:30pm, offering a delectable feast to bring the community together.

Inclusive Christmas Celebration:

This heartwarming event is open to those who need it most in the community, regardless of age. Holy Trinity Anglican Church understands that Christmas is a time for togetherness, and they extend a special welcome to those who may need it the most. The event operates on a koha entry system, ensuring that everyone, young or old, can join in the festivities without any barriers.

Your Hosts:

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church is not just providing a meal; they are creating an environment of warmth and companionship. The church, nestled in the heart of Richmond, is opening its doors to embrace the community and make Christmas a memorable and inclusive experience for those that need to be embraced at Christmas.

Tickets and Availability:

Tickets for this heartwarming Christmas Dinner are available at Holy Trinity Church, Age Concern, and Richmond Mall. The tickets are free, but the Church does accept koha to help cover the costs of running the dinner. The koha entry ensures that everyone can participate. 

It's an opportunity for those in need in the  community to come together, share a meal, and create lasting memories in the true spirit of the Christmas.

A Celebration of Community and Compassion:

This Christmas Dinner is not just a meal; it's a celebration of the Richmond community and a demonstration of compassion and unity. Holy Trinity Anglican Church is dedicated to ensuring that no one feels alone or left out during the Christmas season. 

How to Contribute:

As we approach this season of giving, let us come together as a community in Richmond, to make this Christmas Dinner a symbol of our warmth, kindness, and togetherness. You may know someone who would like to go to the Christmas Dinner and has nowhere else to go for Christmas. Let them know about this Christmas Dinner.

Alternatively, yourself or you may know someone who might like to provide a donation or contribute towards this event - contact the Holy Trinity Church Admin., Team at

The Details:


Christmas Day, Monday, December 25. 


Tickets are free with koha entry. They are available at Holy Trinity Church, Age Concern, and Richmond Mall. 

Location of the Christmas Dinner:

The Holy Trinity Church Hall at 27 Dorset St, Richmond.


The doors will open at 11:00am, for nibbles and non-alcoholic drinks then the Christmas Dinner will commence at 12:30pm.



Church Notice:

Christmas at Holy Trinity Church Richmond

'The Coming of a Saviour'

List of services:

Nine Lessons & Carols 17 December 7:00pm

Pyjama Christmas 24 December 11:00pm

Christmas Day 25 December 9:30am


27 Dorset St, Richmond.


Ph: 03 544 8844.


Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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