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Tākaka ITM fire contamination - bore water concerns eased with latest test results

ITM fire Tākaka

Tākaka bore water concerns eased with latest test results 

8 February, 2024 

Latest test results in relation to the ongoing monitoring of the Tākaka bore water situation have eased concern around the drinking water quality at all sample sites. 

We identified a number of houses and workplaces in Motupipi Street that use bore water that could have been potentially contaminated by run-off from firefighting at the ITM building site on Thursday 11 January. These occupiers had been contacted by Council staff.  

Bore water testing has been occurring regularly since then, with the area of focus being a cluster of properties around Motupipi Street, Factory Road, and Abel Tasman Drive. 

A positive sample was taken on Monday 22 January in Factory Road – which was outside the initial area of concern – as well as two properties on Motupipi Street within the original zone. 

As part of our regular testing regime, on the 2 February, the Council undertook further drinking water samples from the following nine locations:  

  • One on Factory Road  
  • Three on Abel Tasman Drive  
  • Four on Motupipi Street  
  • One on Hiawatha Lane 

The tests were for VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and specifically Dichloromethane. 

We are pleased to report that the testing results show that the Dichloromethane levels at all nine sampling points are within the maximum acceptable values set out in the drinking water standard.  

All 9 samples returned less than the detection limit of <0.010g/m3.  

These results have given us sufficient reassurance to remove our previous recommendation that users of the bore north-east of the fire site in Motupipi Street, Factory Road and the first section of Abel Tasman Drive (to Scotts Corner) refrain from drinking water. 

No further testing is proposed at this point, but we encourage anyone in Tākaka, in particular in north-east direction from the fire, to call council if they have any concerns or to report any issues with their water quality.  

If you are concerned about your health or are feeling unwell please contact Healthline for advice 0800 611 116, or seek medical attention immediately. If you need urgent attention, call 111 and ask for Ambulance.   

We would like to thank the entire Tākaka community for their patience and understanding while we have navigated the situation over the last month.

Tasman District Council, Communications.

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