Thursday, February 1, 2024

Tasman has New Chief Executive

Tasman District Council

 Tasman District Council appoints new Chief Executive 

Richmond 01 February 2024

Leonie Rae is Tasman District Council's new Chief Executive.  

Leonie has been the Council's Chief Operating Officer since August 2021, and is the first internal appointment to the most senior role since the Council was established in1989. 

Mayor Tim King says, “In making this appointment the Council was looking for a seasoned executive who has the experience and insight to identify what is working within the organisation and what can be improved.” 

“We were grateful to have received a good number of applications from very qualified people that met this expectation”.

Leonie has previous experience in the role having stepped up for a year from March 2022.

Mayor King says, “With her experience at a senior executive level in Christchurch City Council before, during and after the devastating earthquakes, and leading the recovery of that Council's regulatory building accreditation, we see an executive that has and will bring new and different perspectives to challenges.”

Leonie Rae will take up the role from 19 February 2024.

Tasman District Council.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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