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Tasman Dry Weather Taskforce Update

 DWTF Update

Tuesday 27 February 2027

Tasman's Dry Weather Task Force met this week following the variable amounts of rain that have fallen across the district over the last weekend. By the middle of the week, after the rain, river levels have returned to, or in some instances, still dropped below previous levels.   

What rain we did get fell mainly in the upper ends of the river catchments with little falling on the valley floors and did little to help mitigate soil moisture deficits.  

Most of the District's rivers (except the Aorere) had minor rises but dropped just as quickly to levels seen over the previous week. 

With many of the trigger levels for further restrictions yet to be reached, the Dry Weather Task Force is keeping most of the current restrictions in place except for: 

  • Motuere Western Groundwater area moving to Stage 2,  
  • Wangapeka and Baton areas going to Stage 1, joining the other areas of the Upper Motueka catchment, and 
  • Wai-iti zones have been taken to Stage 1 to prolong storage in the dam, currently sitting just under 50%. 

Dry Weather Task Force Convenor Kim Drummond has reinforced his previous message to water users.  

He says to conserve where they can and to not to have the ‘use it or lose it’ approach to water use. We all have a part to play in wise water management.  

"In the meantime, it is important that consent holders are familiar with their Resource Consent conditions. Unfortunately, despite most consent holders committing to their restrictions, we have had to issue four fines to two users.  

Kim Drummond says the Council will continue to monitor water use with consent holders' support to ensure the greatest number of users can manage their needs in these challenging times. 

“Watering of lawns or decorative gardens is not permitted for any water user situated in water management zones where rationing is in effect.” 

He says the rainfall forecast does not look promising for the next week – any lifting of restrictions now may prompt a quicker drop in flows and levels, and a further week’s delay for restriction effects to make an impact. 

Please note, these restrictions do not apply to users of Council-managed reticulated water supplies, which are subject to alternative and different restrictions.     

For more information, go to

Current and remaining water zone restrictions 

  • Tākaka – Water Management Area – FMU – remains at stage 1. (Subject to river flow and aquifer levels) 
  • Moutere/Dove/Powley Creek – remain at cease take. 
  • Moutere Eastern Groundwater – remains at stage 4. 
  • Moutere Western Groundwater – move to stage 2. 
  • Stanley Brook/Glenrae/Tadmor/Tapawera – remain at stage 1. 
  • Baton/Wangapeka – move to stage 1. 
  • Motupiko – remains at stage 2. 
  • Rainy – cease take as per consent condition. 
  • Waimea Unaffiliated – stay at stage 3 for A permits and stage 2 for B permits (Subject to Wairoa River flow) 
  • Waimea Affiliated – stay stage 2 for A permits and stage 1 for B permits - (Subject to Wairoa River Flow) 
  • Wai-iti Dam service & Wai-iti zone – move to stage 1 from Monday.

Tasman District Council, Communications.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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