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Hard work being done in Tasman's heat


Reserves and Facilities Team: Enhancing Your Tasman District Experience

13 March 2024

If you’ve spent a bit of time in the Tasman District – there’s every chance your experience has been enhanced by the great work of our Reserves and Facilities team.

Taking a walk, celebrating an event – even finding a clean toilet when nature calls – this team is your contact for anything to do with the District’s reserves, parks, public halls, cemeteries and sports facilities.

Horticultural Officer. Credit Tasman District Council.

They also administer the management of Council-owned housing for older adults and are the second largest social housing provider in Tasman District.

Added to that is the management of several recreation centres and the Richmond Aquatic Centre.

Recent jobs they’ve been involved with have included planting a tree to honour the Coronation of King Charles III, contributing to Brightwater’s new basketball court at the Wanderers Sports Club, and creating new and improved playgrounds at Pōhara, Wakefield and Berryfields.

They also support many projects carried out with the input of volunteers or community groups and have carried out ecological restoration plantings in Kingsland Forest Park, around the Waimea Estuary, and on Rough and Moturoa/Rabbit Islands.

There’s also some stuff that you might not associate with them – like fire risk management alongside stakeholders to maintain the safety of land and life during the warmer months.

As one team member puts it “We do all the cool stuff.”

Knowing the scope of their work and places that these valued Council staff call their office, you’d have to say that the Reserves and Facilities team are truly outstanding in their field.

Their dedication and impact are evident in the places they serve. From Washbourn Gardens, where they’ve managed to sustain flowers despite the drought, to the changing autumn hues of trees, the Reserves and Facilities team truly excels in their field, making a lasting difference for our community.

Recently, I visited Washbourn Gardens to assess how our dedicated crew are handling the challenges posed by the ongoing drought. 

To my pleasant surprise, the Reserves and Facilities team has worked wonders in maintaining some resilient flowers amidst the parched landscape. 

The grass may be drying off, and the trees transitioning to their autumn hues, but the spirit of growth persists.

Even with the shade house closed, its brightness shines through the window. The team’s efforts have borne fruit—literally! Their Dahlias are in full bloom, an achievement I couldn’t manage this year. Moreover, several flower beds continue to thrive during this demanding gardening season.

In the face of a hard gardening year, the Reserves and Facilities team have been creative in what they have planted. Their impact extends beyond the gardens—they infuse life and colour into our community, making the Tasman District a better place for all. 🌼🌿🌸

Tasman District Council Communications, plus my comments.

Pigeon Post News.

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