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Dam water release enables immediate lifting of water restrictions for Waimea consent holders


Dam release allows for immediate lifting of water restrictions for Waimea consent holders 

4 March, 2024

The augmented release of water from the Waimea Community Dam over the weekend has enabled water restrictions to be lifted with immediate effect for consented users in the Waimea affiliated and unaffiliated management zones.  

Thanks to the increased flow afforded by the dam release, consented water users within one of the following zones are now entitled to 100% of their consented maximum water take limit under the existing pre-dam conditions. 

  • Waimea Delta 
  • Golden Hills 
  •  Hope and Eastern Hills 
  •  Lower Confined Aquifer 
  •  Waimea Reservoir 
  •  Upper Confined Aquifer 
  • Waimea Upper Catchments 
  • Waimea West 

On Saturday 2 March, Waimea Water Ltd (WWL) commenced its release of water from the Dam’s reservoir to alleviate the effects of continuing dry and warm summer conditions.  

A lack of rainfall over recent weeks has seen the amount of water flowing into the reservoir and out over the spillway reduce significantly. 

Water from the reservoir was released through the smaller of three permanent dispersing valves constructed to release water from the reservoir at variable flow rates.  

WWL expects the two larger dispersing valves will be fitted within the next two weeks.  

Dry Weather Task Force (DWTF) convenor Kim Drummond said the increased flow of water into the Lee River was an important step in realising the dam’s value to the district in securing water for the future. 

“This project has been in the works for more than 20 years and to now be almost at the point of completion so that it can provide significant long term benefits to the community is something to be celebrated.”   

“While we have lifted these restrictions now, the Council will continue to monitor water levels closely.” 

“In the meantime, it is important that consent holders are familiar with their Resource Consent conditions.” 

Despite some welcome rainfall on Monday and more forecast for Tuesday, other parts of the Tasman District remain subject to water restrictions as a result of the dry weather conditions that persist.  

Further measures required for these areas, which includes Moutere Eastern and Western Groundwater, Aorere and Upper Motueka Catchments, will be considered by the DWTF team in the coming days. 

The release of water by the dam will also benefit users of Council-managed reticulated water supplies, which have been subject to alternative restrictions.      

For more information, go to Current restrictions - consented and private supplies | Tasman District Council

Tasman District Council.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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