Monday, January 23, 2023

Restricted fire season for Marlborough

Source: Fire and Emergency New Zealand


A restricted fire season is now in place for all of Marlborough, effective from 8am the (16 January 2023).

District Manager, Grant Haywood says this means anyone planning on lighting an open-air fire in Marlborough will need a fire permit while the restrictions in place.

"To apply for a permit, go to and follow the instructions," he says.

"If you have a permit you will also need to follow the conditions listed on it to ensure your fire is safe.”

Grant Haywood asks everyone to take care and think about the wildfire risks before lighting a fire or doing activities that could cause a spark.

"It’s still quite green around the Marlborough countryside, but it’s beginning to get hotter and drier, and we’ve got some warm and windy days forecast," he says.

"These conditions make it easier for a fire to get out of control and mean there’s plenty of vegetation that could fuel a fire as it dries out.

"Before you light a fire, or do an activity that could cause a spark, go to and check the conditions.

"Even with a permit, anyone planning on lighting a fire should check the conditions, and hold off lighting if it is windy and hot.”

"Our check it’s alright tool will tell you if the conditions are safe, or whether you should hold off.

"If you’re doing any activities that could cause a spark, do these in the cooler parts of the day when it’s less risky.”

"One spark is all it takes, so please be vigilant and follow our safety tips to reduce the risk of a wildfire this summer."

Fire and Emergency NZ

Pigeon Post News, Richmond

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