Thursday, January 26, 2023

Tasman District Council to start water rationing   

January, 2023


Stage One water restrictions

Stage One water restrictions for users in Motupiko, Tadmor and Waimea Plains water management zones will come into force from Monday, 30 January. 

Tasman’s Dry Weather Taskforce had its first meeting for the summer on Tuesday 24 January to assess the water situation around the district. 

Taskforce Convenor, Kim Drummond, said that while data showed most rivers and dams in the district were above their trigger levels, at the present rate of recession they are likely to dip below the triggers soon. At present it doesn’t look like there will be sufficient rainfall in the coming days to hold the river levels up. 

 As a result, Stage One rationing, meaning a cut in use by 20 percent of consented water take levels, was announced for the Motupiko and Tadmor water management zones, as well as unaffiliated and affiliated consent holders in the Waimea Delta, Golden Hills, Redwood, Waimea Reservoir, Upper Confined, Waimea Upper Catchment and Waimea West water management zones. 

Watering of lawns or decorative gardens is not permitted for any water user situated in water management zones where Stage One rationing is in effect.  

“By going into Stage One at an early stage, it is hoped that we can delay and hopefully avoid the need of going into Stage two restriction in the coming weeks”. 

“While all the Waimea water users - affiliated and unaffiliated to the Waimea Community Dam - are being treated the same as we move into this initial rationing step, we will see a change in the approach should we move beyond stage one rationing.”   

The Stage One position will be reviewed at the next Taskforce meeting on Tuesday January 31, 2023. 


Phase A restrictions introduced for Waimea and Wakefield urban supplies 

Tasman District Council Community Infrastructure Group Manager Richard Kirby announced that Phase A watering restrictions are also being introduced for the Waimea and Wakefield council water supplies, and their rural extensions, effective immediately 

 Waimea includes Richmond, Brightwater, Hope, Redwood 1 and 2 and Māpua water supplies. 

These particular restrictions apply with immediate effect from Wednesday January 25, 2023. 

Under Phase A restrictions, watering of grass or lawns is not permitted.  However, watering decorative and productive gardens is permitted using a handheld hose with trigger nozzle or time limited water system.   

For pool owners, filling a pool is prohibited at this time, however topping up a pool is still permitted.      

Nelson residents living adjacent to Champion Road, where water is supplied from the Richmond Water Supply Scheme, will also face Phase A water restrictions. 

This also covers the Wakatu Industrial Estate, Champion and parts of Saxton Road West. 

Richard said the Phase A restrictions would be reviewed later in the week, with a move to Phase B possible in the coming days. 

Residents in all areas of the district are encouraged to conserve water as much as possible and hints on how to do that are available on the Council website.    

More details on what the restrictions mean can be found at  tasman/

Tasman District Council

Pigeon Post News, Richmond

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