Sunday, February 19, 2023

TASMAN donations going to Hawke’s Bay

Transport Company Westhaul transporting aid to Hawke's Bay


MOTUEKA  Westhaul offer transport for public donations - orchardists offer equipment for Cyclone-ravaged Hawke’s Bay

A Motueka-based trucking company is donating a truck and trailer to take a truck full of supplies donated by the public and orchardists to the Hawke's Bay early this week.

The trucking company is Westhaul. The managing director Karl Westrupp is calling for the public to donate household items that will be required in the recovery.

“Our trucks are frequent visitors to the Hawke’s Bay region with up to three loads per week. We usually transport in and out of the area. To see these floods wreak havoc on the lives of our customers and their family and friends is heart-breaking.”

Westrupp says people can donate “whatever they can find as long as it’s good – furniture, kitchen items, non-perishable foodstuffs, canned foods, clothing, blankets and bed linen.”

One of many destroyed homes in Hawke's Bay
People can take items to Wairepo Holdings in Weka Road, Tasman. Goods must arrive by Monday evening and the truck will then head north on Tuesday morning on the Cook Strait ferry.

The Tasman area is similar to Hawke's Bay in that it is home to many orchards. Westrupp said one orchardist asked if he could send some equipment to Hawke's Bay, which encouraged him to spread the word.

Orchards devastated in Hawke's Bay

People can take items to Wairepo Holdings on Weka Road, Tasman, by Monday evening. 

The truck will head north on Tuesday morning on the Cook Strait ferry.

This was noted on Facebook

We've just been contacted by Westhaul Motueka - They are organising a "charity drive" collaborating with Wairepo Holdings and Fairfield Orchard to take a truck up to Hastings this coming TUESDAY.

Westhaul are taking the truck up, Aaron Drummond is putting his digger and bob cat into the truck, Wairepo Holdings are using their cool store in Mariri to hold the items ready to load on Tuesday.

They want to make the most of the truck - so if you have any items you would like to donate to the displaced families up there please drop off to the cool store. 

Items such as food, adult & children's clothing, gloves, buckets, shovels, sanitary products for women, nappies, plus any other items you think will be useful to families who have had to leave their beloved homes.

Pigeon Post News Richmond, Tasman

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