Wednesday, February 1, 2023

New Bluebridge Ferry sails into Wellington

The new Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry MV Connemara

Tasman and Nelson 

dog owners now have a choice when crossing the Strait with their pet doggies

Bluebridge has a new addition to it’s Cook Strait Ferry fleet which arrived in Wellington on the 29 January 2023 with a splendid welcome from the Port of Wellington tugboats after it’s 40-day journey from France.

MV Connemara, after a lick of paint, has traveled through the Atlantic Ocean, the Panama Canal, past the Galápagos Islands into the Pacific Ocean, then on to it’s new home in Wellington, to undertake a new role across Cook Strait for Bluebridge

The ship is expected to join Bluebridge’s working fleet this month which will be the largest, fastest and newest ship in the fleet.

Connemara being welcomed into Wellington Harbour

The purchase of the ship will expand the capacity of Bluebridge to service increased demand for freight and give some surprises to the travelling public.

The ship offers 120 private cabins, some of which are dog friendly as many passengers like to travel with their dogs and have them close by when travelling. Connemara has been designed so passengers can easily take their canine pets on board and there are special facilities for dogs on board.

Connemara is an Italian-built Visentini class vessel which was launched on 18 December 2006. The roll-on roll-off ferry was first chartered to Balearia for services in Spain, where the ship started operating between Barcelona and Palma on 20 May 2007.  

Since then the ship has been operating in Europe and most recently on 16 January 2018, Brittany Ferries announced it would be chartering Connemara to sail between Ireland, Spain and France.  

The Connemara sailing under Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries were severely economically affected during the covid epidemic and this is possibly why we have Connemara on our shores now, but of course we once again have a second hand vessel for a dangerous stretch of water.

The new ship has a capacity for 518 passengers, 120 freight vehicles, 195 cars, offers a limited number of designated dog-friendly cabins, allows for easier passenger access to vehicles, free WiFi and movies, and freshly prepared meals.

Connemara takes her name from a famous Irish region located in Galway.

What a welcome to Wellington!

From the reaction on social media people with doggies are pleased that they can take their pets on board with them without leaving their doggies in their vehicles.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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