Saturday, April 1, 2023

Tasman residents you might like to change the time on your clocks tonight

Daylight saving ends in NZ for another year

It is almost time for daylight saving to come to an end, which means you could be getting an extra hour's sleep tomorrow morning.

Here's how to get your head around the changes.

When does daylight saving end in New Zealand?

This year, daylight saving will end at 2am on Sunday, 2 April.

Each year, daylight saving time ends at 2am on the first Sunday of April.

Are the clocks moving forwards or back?

Clocks will be moved back by a hour - which means an extra hour's sleep-in for your Sunday!

When will daylight saving begin in 2023?

For those wanting to get a head start on planning summer picnics, daylight saving will begin again on the first Sunday in October.

Daylight saving time officially starts again for those states participating at 2am on 1 October, 2023.

This is when clocks move forward one hour, to 3am New Zealand Standard Time.

Good night

Pigeon Post News Richmond, Tasman.

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