Monday, October 16, 2023

A Children's story from Moutere

Cottage in Moutere

 "The Enchanted Wisteria Garden of Moutere”

In the charming Moutere area, nestled in the heart of the Tasman District in New Zealand's South Island, there lived a kind-hearted couple named Ian and Penny. They had the most magical garden, and at this time of year, their wisteria was blooming like never before, filling the air with the most enchanting fragrance.

Ian and Penny's home was a cozy cottage surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. But the highlight of their garden was the wisteria vine, which had grown so long that it covered their entire cottage, creating a fragrant and flowery wonderland. Its purple and white blooms hung like delicate curtains, and the scent was so divine that it seemed to call to the animals of the region.

One fine spring, something extraordinary happened. The scent of their wisteria was so enchanting that it attracted a variety of animals. First, it was the guinea pigs from a nearby farm. They would sneak into the garden, nibbling on fallen wisteria petals and rolling around in the soft flower-covered grass. With their soft, furry bodies and twitching noses, the guinea pigs looked like little balls of fluff enjoying the garden's beauty.

Then, the ducks from the village pond heard about the garden's magic. They waddled in, quacking happily as they splashed in the little pond that Ian and Penny had built for them. The ducks seemed to be having a grand time, and their feathers glistened in the sunlight, reflecting the wisteria's purple and white blossoms.

But the most remarkable visitors were the kererū, the majestic wood pigeons of New Zealand. They flew in from the nearby forest, their iridescent green and white feathers shimmering as they perched on the wisteria vines. With a gentle coo, they pecked at the sweet nectar of the wisteria flowers and watched over the garden like guardian spirits.

Word of this enchanting garden spread like wildfire, and soon children from all over New Zealand and the world would come to visit each spring. They marveled at the guinea pigs, ducks, and kererū that had made Ian and Penny's garden their home during the wisteria's bloom. The children laughed as they watched the guinea pigs frolic, fed the ducks bits of bread, and gazed in awe at the kererū perched high in the wisteria.

It became a tradition for families to visit Moutere every spring to experience the wonder of Ian and Penny's garden. They would bring picnic baskets, spread blankets on the soft grass, and enjoy the beauty and the company of the animals. The children would run around, chasing butterflies and making new friends in the form of guinea pigs, ducks, and kererū.

As the years went by, Ian and Penny's garden remained a beloved place of joy and wonder, where the scent of wisteria not only attracted beautiful creatures but also brought people together. It was a magical garden, where the fragrance of wisteria filled the air, and the laughter of children and the presence of furry, feathery, and elegant friends made it a place of enchantment and cherished memories.

Thanks to Ian and Penny for their lovely photos.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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