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"Richmond's Spring Gardens" - After a stroll around the gardens


 Queen Street, Richmond, 4 October 2023.

 "Richmond's Spring Gardens: A Blossoming Wonderland in White"

Richmond, the vibrant heart of the Tasman District, has come alive this spring with a stunning display of white blossoms that have transformed the town into a breathtaking wonderland. Despite budget constraints, the Tasman District Council, Team Leader Reserves Operations, Richard Hilton, has orchestrated a symphony of white blooms in the main Richmond gardens, perfectly complementing the ethereal white blossom trees lining Queen Street.

White poppies in Washbourn Gardens, Richmond.

As the main centre of the Tasman District, Richmond has always been known for its beautiful gardens. This year, the town's floral display is nothing short of a masterpiece. The Washbourn Gardens, Sundial Square, and War Memorial Park have all embraced a central white flower theme in their flower beds, creating a harmonious atmosphere that enchants residents and visitors alike.

White tulips in the War Memorial Park gardens, Richmond.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Richard Hilton about this year's bedding displays. He explained, "The bedding displays are planned six months in advance of planting. Plant choice depends on site conditions, and we like to alternate plant varieties where possible to prevent pest or disease build-up. Colour choice can be limited for the winter to spring transition, but this year, we decided to be a bit daring with white as the dominant display. It's all in the eye of the beholder."

White poppies in Sundial Square, Richmond.

While the white blossoms have taken centre stage in Queen Street, Richmond's gardens also feature a delightful mix of white and a mixture of colours. In the Washbourn Gardens, the main garden is adorned with white poppies, while other gardens showcase a combination of white and other hues, such as the tulip garden. Sundial Square boasts beds of white poppies, and the War Memorial Park's main garden is a canvas of elegance with white tulips and white pansies.

White tulip in the tulip garden The Washbourn Gardens, Richmond.

The tulip garden The Washbourn Gardens, Richmond.

As spring unfolds in Richmond, the harmonious white theme in the town's main gardens stands as a testament to the dedication of the Tasman District Council in creating an enchanting and serene environment for all to enjoy. In a world filled with hustle and bustle, Richmond's gardens provide a much-needed respite, inviting residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

The entrance to The Washbourn Gardens, Richmond.

However, amidst this stunning display, there is a question that has arisen, as I'm a novice gardener, regarding the maintenance of hedges in Queen Street. While the garden hedges outside the Council Chambers are impeccably maintained, the rest of the hedges in Queen Street, except for Sundial Square, appear untidy. I asked Richard if this was due to budget constraints, to which he responded, "There are a number of factors that affect the maintenance of the Queen Street shrubs. The hedges in front of the council building and Sundial Square don't get damaged to the same extent as the hedges in Queen Street. Leaving the shrubbery in a more informal state does allow for healthier shrubs, and any damage is not as noticeable. Also, the Queen Street gardens are generally smaller with poor growing conditions, so constant cutting/pruning does promote disease and die back, which we try to prevent."

The well cut hedge outside Tasman District Council, Richmond.

I’m sure Richmond residents extend their gratitude to Richard Hilton, Team Leader Reserves Operations, and the garden maintenance teams for their dedication to creating and maintaining these splendid gardens that enrich our lives and enchant visitors. Richmond's gardens are a testament to the natural beauty that surrounds us here in Tasman, and they serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving and cherishing our green spaces.

Queen Street, Richmond, 4 Oct 2023.

Thank you for your time and effort in making Richmond a truly beautiful place to call home. Myself and I’m sure others, look forward to witnessing the continued growth and blossoming of these magnificent gardens, and new gardens as the area grows year after year.

In a stream close to Richmond another reminder that it is spring.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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