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Nelson Airport Upgrades


Nelson Airport Upgrades

Airport set to begin pedestrian and cycling facility upgrades

Footpaths and pedestrian crossings will be improved and extra covered bike racks added as part of major upgrades at each end of the Nelson Airport terminal beginning this month.

On 22 January, contractor Fulton Hogan will begin work on the Airport House Pathway and Private Carpark Upgrade projects.

The Airport House Pathway project will improve the walkway from the Value Carpark to the terminal past Airport House, removing redundant roads and footpaths and creating a new wide and direct footpath. Improved pedestrian crossings, better lighting and CCTV coverage will all enhance safety.

Work at the eastern end of the terminal building will add two new covered bike sheds, tripling the bike storage facilities available at the airport. The project will create a new rubbish and recycling compound, safe vehicle access and additional authorised parking spaces, freeing up more space in public carparks.

Work is expected to take approximately six weeks, depending on weather.

Nelson Airport chief executive Mark Thompson said the projects were part of an ongoing stream of work to lift the overall airport environment to a high standard that complements the award-winning terminal building.

“This will bring significant benefits for pedestrian safety and convenience, as well as improving the experience for our customers and the level of service for many of our tenants.”

Mark said there will be some disruption to traffic and pedestrian flows during the construction period.

“Carrying out both projects at once will reduce the length of the disruption, and some work will be carried out at night too. In the meantime, we’re asking everyone to please take extra care when visiting the airport, pay attention to the safety signage and take it slow.”

The work follows on closely from completion of the first stage of a new commercial development at the southern end of the airport in December. The first stage saw the opening of back of house car grooming and maintenance facilities for GO Rentals, and the creation of simpler and safer exit and entry to the  Value Carpark via a new road.

“We’re working hard to make sure Nelson Airport is a facility our community can be very proud of. Improvements will be ongoing as we work towards our vision of being a world-class airport where zero-emissions aircraft operate,” Mark said.

Nelson Airport Communications.

Pigeon Post News.

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