Thursday, January 18, 2024

UPDATE ON WATER: drip feed your water use please as pumps severely compromised - Wakefield and Brightwater

Wakefield and Brightwater

Wakefield and Brightwater residents required to drip feed water use


18 January, 2024


Due to the issues with the Wakefield water supply, which has led to a significantly increased demand being placed on the Brightwater water supply, our pumps are working at over-capacity and are severely compromised.  

Therefore, Tasman District Council is requesting residents on urban reticulated water supplies in both areas to restrict any water use to essential use only. 

The Wakefield Water Treatment Plant has been shut off since January 8 while an investigation into the reason for potential contamination in one of the wells continues.  

In order to meet the required demand, water is currently being supplemented by the Brightwater scheme, while the Hope part of the scheme is being supplied by the Richmond scheme. 

Tasman District Council Waters and Wastes Manager Mike Schruer said on Thursday it was established that the high level of use on the three pumps in use has caused two of the pumps in use to become severely compromised. 

“As a result, the supply is currently losing around 72 cubic metres of water an hour and we want to curb this as much as possible.” 

“At this stage, we are trying to source replacement equipment and reallocate duty pumps from the network which will potentially alleviate the issue. 

While the affected area is currently under Phase D Water Restrictions - Only using water for emergency needs - drinking, sanitation, medical, health and safety is advisable for the time being.” 

“Test results as part of our initial investigation have come back clear, so we are beginning the process of re-opening the Wakefield Water Treatment Plant and restoring the network to its original system.” 

“However, the capacity issues we are facing needs immediate action – as we work as quickly as we can to rectify the working order of the pump, water users in Brightwater and Wakefield can help us prevent a more serious situation by restricting their water use to the bare minimum.” 

“We will keep the public updated as we move towards a resolution of the situation.” 


Tasman District Council, Communications.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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