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Tākaka Fire Contamination Concerns

Tasman District Council map highlighting the specific area of focus now for any possible contamination of drinking water, which includes Motupipi Street and Buxton Lane. Map provided by Tasman District Council Communications.

Tasman District Council Addresses Contamination Concerns Attentively 

After Tākaka ITM Fire

January 13, 2024

Tākaka, Golden Bay - In response to the large fire that engulfed the ITM building in Tākaka on Thursday, the Tasman District Council is actively conducting investigations to assess the potential impact on neighbouring properties and address concerns about water contamination. Tim O’Connell, Communications Officer, Tasman District Council, shares the latest update on the ongoing efforts.

"Our environmental team is diligently working to determine if any potentially contaminated water from the firefighting effort may have reached the groundwater supplying household bores in the vicinity," says O'Connell. Initial indications suggest that water flowed toward Motupipi Street and collected in a field drain. To mitigate any risks, this collected water has been promptly pumped out.

In a proactive move to ensure the safety of residents, the Tasman District Council has directly contacted approximately 30 properties on Motupipi Street and Buxton Lane. Residents in these areas have been advised not to drink water from their bores until further notice. The Council is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to contain and address the situation.

As part of the investigation, red dye has been introduced into the stormwater system to trace the movement of water. The Council has provided a map (above) highlighting the specific area of focus, which includes Motupipi Street and Buxton Lane. This map is instrumental in identifying the likely pathways of any contaminated water.

"While the map shows the small area that we are currently focusing on, we want to assure the community that all necessary precautions are being taken. In the unlikely event that anyone notices red dye in their water elsewhere or has any other concerns, we urge them to contact the Tasman District Council immediately," emphasises O'Connell.

To further ensure the safety of the community, water samples have been collected and sent away for testing. The Council anticipates receiving the results early next week, providing a comprehensive understanding of the water quality in the affected areas.

It is crucial to note that all other areas of Tākaka remain unaffected by the incident. However, residents are encouraged to contact their health professional if they experience any health concerns.

The Tasman District Council remains committed to transparency, effective communication, and the well-being of the Tākaka community. Regular updates will be provided as the investigation progresses, ensuring that residents stay informed and supported during this challenging time.

R Therkleson.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.


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