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Tasman Dry Weather Task Force update - April 12 2024

 Tasman Dry Weather Task Force update 

April 12, 2024


The significant amount of rainfall this week has allowed water rationing to be lifted for all Tasman consent holders except those in the Moutere Eastern and Western Groundwater Zones. 

Tasman's Dry Weather Task Force (DWTF) has updated its water restrictions for consent holders across the district.   

The following Water direction notices will apply from Monday 15 April 2024 for consent holders in these Water Management Zones:    

Changes to previous week: 

  • Removal of cease takes in Motupiko, Rainy and Moutere Surface/Dove/Powley Creek.  
  •  Tākaka, Waimea Unaffiliated, Stanley Brook, Baton/Wangapeka/ Glenrae/Tadmor/Tapawera - no restrictions. 
  • Stage 3 rationing has been lifted for Wai-iti Dam Service and Wai-Iti Zone. However, we will continue to manage the release of water from the Kainui Dam while river flows and rainfall assist with replenishment. 

Continued directions:  

  • Moutere Eastern Groundwater – stage 4 (a 65% cut) remains   
  • Moutere Western Groundwater – stage 2 (a 35% cut) remains    

Most areas within the district have had at least 50mm of rain in the last 24 hours to Friday AM, with Anatoki receiving almost 400mm during this period. 

All rivers have had good flushes and have reached between low and moderate flood flows while as of Friday morning, the Waimea Dam was overflowing.

However, Tasman DWTF Convenor Kim Drummond said despite the relief the rain had brought, it was still a concern that the two deep Moutere Zones – which have been severely affected by the dry weather over summer - are only slowly rising.  

“While the rain is most welcome for all areas, we need to remain vigilant regarding the management of Moutere groundwater. 

“We will also be sending staff out to check that the Moutere surface water has been replenished to the expected level. If the result comes back that the surface water has not risen as projected then a restriction will be reinstated. 

“It is important to protect the recovery of the aquifer. We want to ensure that all efforts are made to encourage sustained water level rises in these zones. “ 

 Regarding decisions that come from the Dry Weather Task Force, it is important that Consent holders take heed of the directions and remain familiar with Resource Consent conditions.    

Watering of lawns or decorative gardens is not permitted for any water user situated in water management zones where rationing is in effect.  This excludes users of Council managed reticulated water supply (where alternative restrictions will apply).    

Stock drinking water is not affected by these water restrictions.    

The position will be reviewed by the Dry Weather Taskforce next week. 
For more information, go to

Tasman District Council.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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