Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tasman lifts all urban water restrictions


All Council-managed reticulated water supply restrictions lifted for Tasman

17 April, 2024

Tasman District Council has lifted all water restrictions on its Council-managed reticulated water supplies with immediate effect.

Due to significant rainfall last week, rivers in the affected catchments have returned to flows at which Council is able to lift the phased water restrictions for the Dovedale, Eighty-Eight Valley and Wakefield water supplies.


These areas had previously been under Phase C and D restrictions. However, the improvement in flow means that customers on those supplies are no longer required to restrict their water use.


There are no other Council-operated water supplies with restrictions at this time.


Residents on the Eighty-Eight Valley scheme are reminded that there is still a temporary boil water notice in place until testing confirms that the water quality has returned to normal following the heavy rainfall.

Residents will be advised when the notice is lifted.

By continuing to limit water use in the meantime, those on this scheme can reduce the risk of drawing lower quality water into their tanks.


Those on the Dovedale water scheme are also reminded that their supply is on a permanent boil water notice.

Outside of Council-managed reticulated water supplies, rationing measures are still in place for water consent holders in the Moutere Eastern and Western Groundwater water management zones.

We wish to thank everyone for their efforts to limit water use while restrictions have been in place.

Information around water tips can be found at  

More information around water restrictions can be found at Current restrictions - reticulated | Tasman District Council

Tasman District Council.

Pigeon Post News, Richmond.

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