Saturday, November 13, 2021

Protests in Murchison - Groundswell - MOTHER OF ALL PROTESTS

Groundswell protest Murchison - November 21st

Groundswell are protesting again with another protest on the 21st November in Murchison.

They want to challenge the Government about unworkable regulations for landowners, the ute tax and the Three Waters Reforms.

“This movement is no longer just about farming” they say “Legislation

being passed is going to affect every household in NZ with the Three Waters Reforms.” The movement wants Town and Country to unite, join together and help build momentum towards a ‘Government Gathering’ that will take place in February 2022 at Parliament.”

The plan is to drive tractors and other vehicles to Murchison Fairax and Main Road intersection by 1.35pm. Due to Covid-19 people are asked not to exit their vehicles. It is advised to pull over for emergency vehicles and tune into the live broadcast from the Groundswell founders on Newstalk ZB.

“Be sure to support local if you can, head into town early, grab lunch and show support to our local businesses!” The Facebook post said.

“Stand against the unworkable regulations that impact you & your family, it’s time to unite and force government to take notice and acknowledge the Groundswell” the post ended.

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