Saturday, November 6, 2021

Hi Gardeners - November is Here


Another month has gone for gardening, the pressure is on to get plants in the ground growing. Space may be scarce in the vegetable garden, but you can still sow rows of carrots, radish, and parsnip. If you have room plant some more lettuce and plant out slips/cuttings of Kumara.

Keep mounding up earth around your potatoes and get your yams in the ground as they will take 6 months to mature. 

Tomatoes, cucumber, sweet corn, eggplants, capsicum and chillies can all be planted once frosts have passed.

I have a glasshouse so my tomatoes are well over a metre high, already and I’m going to try some capsicums in there this year.

All your Dallas should be in the garden and your Peonies will be in glorious bloom. Once the plants have finished flowering, don’t trim back the stems. Leave them on the plant to draw energy from the sun to feed the clump for next year’s blooms.

I would like to hear what’s going on in your garden email me

Local Plant Nursery now open to the public

The Tasman Bay Estates are growing their own, mainly native, plants in their nursery at 35 Horton Road. They have been planting natives on their properties and they want to support local restoration groups and welcome their amazing projects. 

Now they have opened their nursery to the public for retail sales at very good rates and with special discounts for mass planting. The nursery is open for the public every Wednesday and Saturday.

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  1. Very jealous of your greenhouse and getting ahead start with the tomatoes. Don't forget to keep those parsnip seeds watered!

    1. Great advice-I’ll make sure he’s onto it! He’s very busy covering a lot of great stories!


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