Thursday, November 4, 2021

Set fireworks off safely this Guy Fawkes


Fire - Guy Fawkes

Fire and Emergency wants anyone setting off fireworks this Guy Fawkes to carefully plan their display.

Risk Reduction and Investigations Manager Todd O’Donoghue says on average crews have been called to around 200 fireworks-related callouts each Guy Fawkes period in recent years."Good planning and preparation can help avoid a potentially dangerous situation," he says.

He says ACC data shows the most at risk groups for fireworks related injuries are children under 10 and men aged under 35.

"Borrowing a line from the team at ACC, if you’re going to use fireworks, have a hmmm before you start. Think about who may get harmed if a fire was to start and spread."

Todd O’Donoghue says there are a few easy steps fireworks users can take to reduce the potential risks.

- Watch the weather. If it is windy and dry, don’t light fireworks.

- Read the manufacturer’s instructions, light fireworks in an open area away from anything that could catch fire and keep a bucket of water handy.

- Remember fire can spread very quickly and a house fire can become un-survivable within three minutes.

- Light fireworks on level ground and point fireworks at the stars, not at people or at other people’s property.

- Check local bylaws for the rules around using fireworks in your area. In many places, you're only allowed to light fireworks on private property.

- Let your neighbours know if you are planning to set off fireworks and keep your pets inside.

ACC injury prevention programme leader James Whitaker says, "Most injuries are predictable and can be prevented. "If you can see it coming, you can stop it happening."

"When it comes to fireworks, ACC data shows that tamariki are among those most likely to be harmed and need ACC support. "No one wants their kids to get hurt so think about how your actions might harm others.

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