Monday, November 8, 2021

Magenta Creative Space - Art Exhibition - ‘Outside In’


Magenta Creative Space Art Exhibition ‘Outside In’ is open till the 12 November, located at the G-Block Foyer NMIT, on the corner of Collingwood and Nile Streets. It is a must see, as Magenta is proud to present an exhibition of recent original work that highlights individuality and personal expression.

 Kay van Dyk is the Magenta tutor and Manager. She also is a jeweller/object maker and prior to working at Magenta she was the Object Design tutor and Programme Coordinator of the Bachelor of Arts and Media at NMIT.


Magenta was started by Maggie Treweek twenty two years ago in the Old St John’s Hall on Hardy Street, Nelson, as a drop in art space for artists in mental health. The exploration of creativity and expression helps these artists to break the isolation and stigma that many mental health sufferers experience. Magenta exists to nourish, provide health and wellness through creative expression.


Magenta as a creative art and design studio, is essential to the formation of healthy communities and individuals and is a vital means of connection for adults and young people.


The Magenta board of trustees applies for various funding and it recently received funding from the Ministry of Arts and Heritage to extend its hours, and to employ a person for an outreach role.


The public can support the service by going to see the exhibition and purchasing work from the artists, all the money goes directly to the artists. Donations are gratefully accepted for running costs.

The artists were working on the art works for the exhibition between one to nine months. The art works are many and varied from paintings, art installations, jewellery and creative fibre works. All up for sale, except where noted, be quick as the works are selling.


Magenta invites you to enjoy and support the artists and Magenta. If you are interested in purchasing a work, please contact Magenta tutor and Manager Kay van Dyk on 021 100 5899.

Sample of exhibition:

Marina McPherson, Witchypoo series.

Jessica Corbett, Little Fox.

Jonathon Durdle, Goblin.

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