Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Radio 100 Years Old Today - 17 NOVEMBER 1921

Maud Basham as Aunt Daisy Radio Broadcaster


New Zealand's first identified broadcast of a radio programme was on 17 November 1921. It was made from the University of Otago by physic professor Robert Jack. The broadcast included music, such as the popular song 'Hello my dearie.’

Radio Dunedin (4XD) began transmitting in 1922 and is the longest continuously broadcasting station in the Commonwealth.

Nelson and Tasman's first radio station was Radio Nelson. The station was started by Radio New Zealand in 1932. The station originally broadcast on 1340AM.

Maud Basham, better known as 'Aunt Daisy' was a radio broadcaster and personality who broadcast for 27 years (1936-1963) every weekday morning to New Zealanders. ... In addition to her role as a pioneer female celebrity broadcaster, Aunt Daisy was also New Zealand's first celebrity foodie hosting a radio show focused on domesticity

.New Zealand was an early adopter of radio and a late adopter of television. Until the 1960s radio was the main non-print medium. Radio broadcasting began as a private activity. From the 1930s it came increasingly under state control. Reforms started in the 1960s too the1980s and now the industry by 2010 was once again overwhelmingly private.

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