Sunday, January 30, 2022

BROKIN MIC - Playing in Sundial Square, Richmond


Brokin Mic

On Friday 28th January Brokin Mic were playing in Sundial Square as part of The Tasman District Council Friday lunchtime Summer Series concert programme.

I was a little disappointed as I thought the Council’s lunchtime programme would attract quite a crowed, but there were very few people there.

Certainly it was hot and there is not much shade in the square.

Brokin Mic were playing very popular pop music with Thomas and Luke on instruments and Layna an accomplished vocalist.

The small crowd really enjoyed the 80’s and 90’s pop music and many where taking photos of the group.

Brokin Mic

Thomas, Luke and Layna met while playing individually at Red 16 in Nelson and decided to form a group together. They have only been playing together for three months, but when I heard them playing, I thought they had been a group for some time.

Brokin Mic play often at Red16 and if you need a good pop group to play for you their phone number is 022 080 30 55

Sundial Square
Tasman District Council have had to change a number of their events under the Red light setting for Covid-19.

The Council said “now that we have moved to Red under the Covid-19 Protection Framework, some of our events are unable to take place as initially planned - some have been cancelled, some postponed, and some will go ahead with extra protections in place.” 

Tasman District Council Summer Series
The changes in the events are as follows:

  • After consultation with the Tapawera community, we have decided to postpone the Summer hang-out in Tapawera and Tapawera Skateboard Coaching events until we are at Orange.
  • The Tasman Asian Night Food Fair has been cancelled.
  • The remaining Summer Movies Al Fresco have also been cancelled.
  • The Tasman Skatepark Tour events in Richmond, Brightwater, Māpua, Motueka and Nelson have been cancelled.
  • Due to weather, the Amazing Race at Washbourn Gardens is postponed until Wednesday 2 February from 2pm - 4pm.
  • The Skateboard coaching events in Richmond and Motueka will still go ahead as planned, you need to register for these events.
  • Second Hand Sunday is still on.
  • The Lunchtime Concerts at Sundial Square are still happening.
  • At this stage, the Richmond to Rabbit Island Family Bike Ride is still scheduled to go ahead.

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Saturday, January 29, 2022

No Tsunami Threat to New Zealand

There was a magnitude 6.4 earthquake near the Kermadec Islands at 3.46pm this afternoon and this may have caused a tsunami threat to New Zealand.

Civil Defence said at 4.44pm "based on current information, the assessment is that the earthquake is unlikely to have caused a tsunami that will pose a threat to New Zealand."

The National Emergency Management Agency advised people in coastal areas to stay out of the water, stay off beaches, and to not go sightseeing as it was assessing the risk of a tsunami.

The earthquake struck at 3.46pm northeast of New Zealand  and was 33km deep according to NEMA.

Apparently there has been a second 5.3 magnitude earthquake in the same region at 4.01pm.

Civil Defence have not issued any alert about this on their website.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Emergency Services to the Rescue


Richmond Volunteer Fire Service. Photo Ray Therkleson

St John Nelson Bays were very busy over the New Year holiday period and so were the Richmond Fire Service. Many people were out and about with accidents happening and also medical emergencies.

One incident in Richmond showed how busy the emergency services were.

St John Nelson Bays Territory Manager Anne-Maree Harris said “St John Ambulance takes patient welfare very seriously and it’s always our objective to respond as soon as possible – with life-threatening calls given the highest priority – which is the right approach to prioritise the most urgent and time-critical patients, but it means some patients may experience a wait.” 

A very elderly man had a fall in Sundial Square at the rear of Richmond Mall on Tuesday the 11th January.  St John confirmed “it was notified of an incident near Richmond Mall at 1.51pm.”

Members of the general public and Richmond Mall Security were looking after the man in the very hot afternoon sun. The Richmond Mall Security brought out umbrellas so the members of the public could shade the patient.

St John Nelson Bays Territory Manager Anne-Maree Harris said “an ambulance was assigned about 40 minutes after the first call but unfortunately was diverted to another higher priority call.”

By approximately 2.10 The Richmond Volunteer Fire Service arrived to lend a hand and do what they could.

Anne-Maree Harris said “St John clinical support (a paramedic or ICP) contacted to re-triage the patient at 3.01pm and determined that, whilst considered urgent, the priority had not changed due to other ambulances being committed to more serious incidents. The ambulance arrived at 4.52pm.”

St John Nelson Bays Ambulance. Photo Ray Therkleson

The injured person had approximately a two hour wait for an ambulance even though it was only a 15 to 20 minute trip to hospital due to the emergency services being so busy.

St John Nelson Bays Territory Manager Anne-Maree Harris said “the long wait times are frustrating, and St John continues to review its practices to ensure all patients are attended to as quickly as possible.” 

“As an organisation we always strive to provide a high standard of care to patients, and we are continually evaluating the workload to get assistance to patients as soon as possible.”

Check out St John Community Shop 56-48 Rutherford St Nelson. Photo Ray Therkleson

Check out St John Nelson Bays web site to become a financial member of St John or to find out how you could help them. Look up St John Nelson and Tasman Bays Community organisation to find out how you could help there or visit St John Community Shop (op shop) 56-48 Rutherford Street, Nelson. You might find a bargain and also help St John’s.

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Friday, January 14, 2022

‘Aggressive’ Protesters make Golden Bay Council Staff Retreat to Back Room

Tasman Golden Bay 

Tasman District Council Tākaka Council Service Centre

The Tasman District Council on the 10 January advised the public that the My Vaccine Pass will be needed by people who enter the Tasman District Libraries from Wednesday the 12 January.

This Council decision followed the introduction of a new policy by Tasman District Council that required all library staff to have received their first Covid-19 vaccine by 5 January.

Despite the requirement of the My Vaccine Pass all the library staff in all of Tasman’s Libraries are still going to provide alternative services for unvaccinated members of the public.

Nevertheless on January 11th, a demonstration opposing the Tasman District Council policy of requiring the My Vaccine Passes (MVP) for libraries was held at the Tasman District Council Tākaka Service Centre.

Tim O’Connell ​The ​Communications Officer from Tasman District Council confirmed that “at around 11.20am on Tuesday 11 January, several staff working inside Tasman District Council’s Tākaka Service Centre on Commercial St were confronted by a group of aggressive protesters who had entered the building.”

“Indications were that the protest was in relation to the mandating of vaccine passes at Tasman District Libraries from January 12.”


“Staff managed the situation extremely well by removing themselves into a back room while the Police were called. The group moved outside soon after – after which the centre’s entrance doors were secured.”

Police said “there were reports to Police of a number of people at the Takaka Service Centre around 11:15am on Tuesday, who were acting in a disorderly manner and refusing to leave. No one was injured.”

“It appears a short time later, they (the) group left, and Police were no longer required” Police said.​ There were about 30 protesters and no one was arrested.​

The group of protesters were extremely aggressive in their actions and towards the Council staff who have no say in the decision of Council. 

There was some expectation that some sort of demonstration would occur in Golden Bay in relation to more covid-19 restrictions in the Bay.

The Tākaka Service Centre remained closed until 1pm, Tim O’Connell ​The ​Communications Officer for the Tasman District Council said.

Council staff are being supported to ensure they are able to continue working in a safe environment.


“While we (Council) appreciates people’s right to protest, we do not condone the actions of the group” Tim O’Connell The Communications Officer finally commented.

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Dale Carston - Creative Interesting and Expert Richmond Barber


Photo: Ray Therkleson.  Richmond Expert Barber

The first article of the New Year for Pigeon Post News 2022 is about having a great haircut which one needs perhaps after letting your hair down over Christmas and New Year.

I met an interesting and expert barber in Richmond, Dale Carston on my travels.

Dale, the owner of Dale’s Barber Shop in Sundial Square, Richmond, just off Queen Street, said “I’m very busy with only myself doing the work here, but I do enjoy meeting such a variety of people and being busy.”

He is a long standing Richmond resident being in Richmond all his life “ I have seen a lot of changes over the years “ he said.

Photo: Ray Therkleson. Dale Carston outside 'Dale's Barber Shop' Richmond

Dale has had his Barbers Shop in the present location for just over two years and he was originally working as a barber in Nelson but when he saw his present shop up for lease in Richmond, close to home, he went for it!

Dale is fortunate that his barber shop is in a fantastic central spot, a nice location in the middle of Richmond, with plenty of parking and easy access for his clients.

Dale said “it’s the best move I’ve made in my 14 years as being a barber.”

His barber shop is a typical NZ barber shop decorated in an eclectic fashion with lots of different things to take your eye.

Photo: Ray Therkleson. Interior of 'Dale's Barber Shop' Richmond

Dale unfortunately has no one to help him at the moment since there is a shortage of barbers in Nelson. He has been advertising for a barber in Nelson and all over New Zealand but has had no success at obtaining any applicants. If you are interested, give him a ring.

He said “it’s a good place to be in, I’m very busy as there are enough customers for two barbers. It’s a good problem to have, but finding staff is the issue at the moment.”

He has made good use of his time during lockdown, level three, by enlarging and opening up his barber shop into his side rooms. The alteration has made a lot more room for spacing out seating and there are two separate hair cutting rooms, which makes it very suitable for covid in my opinion, but I know he would like to go further and make one large room. Dale joked “it was like working on ‘The Block’ for a week!” He had to have the job done quickly.”

"There is a resurgence in barbering as a lot of young guys are coming in for different kinds of haircuts these days (what youth would call stylish ‘sick’ haircuts) plus with the increasing population growth of Richmond it’s making a great difference in men wanting hair cuts” he said.

Photo: Ray Therkleson. 'Dale's Barber Shop,' Sundial Square, Richmond

The following three topics will be covered more fully later:

1/ Historically barber shops were frequented by people needing not only a haircut but also requiring attention for all kinds of ailments, and barbers also became the favourite resort for people in a quest for news and gossip.

2/ Dale's Barber Shop is located in one of the old Richmond Post Office buildings, with three other businesses in the same building.

3/ Dale’s great great great grandfather Wong Ah Poo Hoc Ting ( Appo Hocton ) on his mother’s side of the family was the first Chinese Immigrant to arrive in Nelson and Dale’s father came from Invercargill. He joked “I get my good looks from my Father.” 

Dale’s Barber Shop is at 11 Sundial Square, Richmond. Mob 027 424 7288, 027 HAIRCUT and you can book online on Facebook under ‘Dale’s Barber Shop.’ 

He would be pleased to see you even though he’s busy. Well, I trust him with my hair!

Photo: Ray Therkleson
More about this topic later.

Ray Therkleson

Pigeon Post News

Article to be continued.


Friday, January 7, 2022

I'm on Holiday




Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Richmond New Years Eve 2021

It was a fairly quiet night in Richmond on New Years Eve with people choosing to have a night in to celebrate rather than going out.

There were quite a few parties going on in the suburbs with some fireworks going off during the very mild evening. Every now and then one could hear loud roars of laughter and cheering  from different locations during the evening.

The New Year has arrived with a beautiful day with a temperature of 14 degrees at 6 am going to a high of 27 degrees during the day with a gentle breeze from the south west.

Richmond New Year Morning 2022

After nearly two years of Covid it is time to reflect for a few moments and acknowledge the stress we have all been under and hope that the New Year will bring better times.

Happy New Year to you all.

My Christmas Lillies

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